Education means to civilize human not form business minds: Zia-ur-Rehman, an educationalist

Interviewed by Farooq Baloch

(Blv stands Bolan Voice and ZuR for Zia-ur-Rehman)

Blv: What is the aim of establishing this school (Iqra Noor-ul-Ilim)?

ZuR: When we were student, so here in our area Sariab was no qualitative institute to make sound learners’11218519_936392429744810_4600288303058657928_n educational foundation. This stirred me to fill this vacuum and I opened the Iqra Noor-ur-Ilim Model School, which is an English medium to cement the student base that we couldn’t attain at our age. Here in surroundings, several schools exists but good maintenance of discipline, a fine atmosphere of learning turned-up ours institute prominent; resultantly, students’ strength is going higher.

Blv: What quality distinguishes this school from others?

ZuR: Well, in previous question I mentioned that here already some standard schools were educating, but we with ambition opened this, which has excellent discipline and veteran teachers. Our toil has advent some maiden methods in schooling in Sariab area which distinguishes this institute amongst the others. The outcome is also witnessed that student of this school obtained scholarship in Islamabad.

Blv: Today education became a kind of business where humanity is totally disappeared, how are you maintaining this problem?

ZuR: Of course! Here schools’ fee is too high but we charge the lowest to sustain only. Our main objective is to sensitize our people about education and bring a revolutionary change in our society through education, though this blueprint is long-term but we are firm. We are striving to get accustomed the people of studying newspapers and other informative things but deter them to indulge in unhealthy activities. Noticeably, the underprivileged and indigent students are exempted from fee at our school.

Blv: Today, children are unnaturally taught with purpose to accumulate wealth, but education’s main essence is to civilize the human and make luminous the minds. Are you people following this philosophy?

ZuR: Yes, sure, during the educational process to children meantime our chief principle is to clear the concept and definition of ‘education’ to them. You are absolutely right that education means to civilize human. So, we are not only teaching them to earn money for sustenance but also our main purpose is discipline, thrive of human characteristics and evolve of human civilization. These all qualities are the main part of our foundation. We have focused on them and not only teaching students to get educated and acquire the subjects; English, Mathematics and others but conveying them in a good manner that education means to apply the learnt materials in daily routine life pragmatically, innovate and bring courtesy with the best etiquettes in social life.

Q N 5: Presently, environment and system is totally contaminated, so how your school practices honestly?

ZuR: Our total organization staff is disposing honestly to provide a brilliant future to school students. We witness in surroundings the teaching staff due to low disbursement and inexperienced in profession are despoiling valuable time of student but we consider this and our splendid performance is solid evident about this. Schooling stands for building the generations, and we by our deeds can prove sincerity with our profession.

Q No 6: We have observed that small kids are given lengthy course and heavy books, so in this regard what resolve you educationalists have?

ZuR: You are right that here toddler have been given lengthy course and heavy books. As you, I also reject this mechanism. Kids must be given such light and fascinating books which generate enthuse in them to read. For minors we have complied very concise set of books which they eagerly read and it is our motto to bring convenience in educational system.

Q N 7: Schools is a reformer in society, here the institutes are disposing their responsibilities properly; If not then what proposal do you have?

ZuR: No doubt, some institutes are doing excellent which have also produced very good professionals in various fields, like doctor, engineer and so on. On the other hand, many schools merely minting money and spoiling future of children. The state is liable to supervise entire schooling system and penalty to defected school for this heinous crime, and the perpetrators who are distrusting to commoners in education sector are to be curbed. As my suggestion, a monitoring body is to be built by state to restrict defective organization of education sector.

Q N 8:  How you people read psyche of the children and how mold them in that department or subject then become a constructive human in future?

ZuR: We read the mentality of students. A good teacher has aptitude not to deal all the students in single manner. The students have unalike psyche, environment at home, society and so on, hence they must be dealt in relevant way. The teacher for manipulating the student ought to adopt a great spectrum of teaching approaches, purposely scrupulous educating. For instance, the patients of sugar, blood pressure or psychiatry cannot be dealt in single manner by doctor. Similarly, the students with various psyches cannot be dealt in single manner.

For reading the psyche, we have especial training for our teachers. And in beginning of year, we do not teach syllabus to our student but in various ways gauge their mentalities and Intelligent Quotient, and then divide in groups to smoothly make them learn.

Blv: Do you have any sketch about ameliorate to educational system, in the country particularly in province of Balochistan?

ZuR: The countries which are dominating of world because of advancement in fields of economic, science and technology and likewise so they got educated and behind their development the mystery is only education. But our country has very low rate in education. Astonishingly, here in Pakistan, the people who can write its name is counted educated, in fact it is not definition of education at all.

The state and all society members must know their responsibilities and provide basic right of child to educate that. The appointment in education department must be made on merit basis; recommendation, favoritism and corruption must be discarded from this department, then some positive outcome could be expected, otherwise condition will remain unchanged.

Q N 10: Present government is over-acting about education; do you see sincerity or positive effect in education department?

ZuR: Present government is just chanting hollow slogans and distributing pamphlets to show-off. On ground no change can be seen. Recently, matriculation exams held, where cheating was common and you media people know better than us, because several report appeared in mainstream media about this despicable practice.

The government lavishly spent pauper masses earnings in regard of advertisement in favored newspapers and electronic media “Naqal k khelaf Jang”, means campaign against cheating. Irrationally, government is doing so, because it has not delivered to students. First, they create an atmosphere of learning, and then they do conduct stern examination process and must not let for cheating.

Q N 11: Cheating in exam became integral part of this society, is there any formula to discard it form here’s education?

ZuR: It is out of reason that things cannot be corrected. In this universe all things can be changed in favor of human by sincere efforts and diligence. Here educational system also can get corrected by honesty and realism. Touching to moon was a dream of human but tireless efforts make true this and human stepped on this satellite of earth. Sure, here educational system has gone deep in worse but it can be rectified.

Government spends billions of the rupees in education sector but lack of check and balance all goes in vain. As I mentioned before, a condition for betterment in this sector that, must be an equal system for all. In entire province all students are given equal and similar opportunities then positive outcome is certain. Teaching staff is to be equipped with modern tools and they are to be trained with innovative mechanism of teaching. We are lagging to developed world and should adopt their techniques of teaching so here constructive changings will take place.


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