Everyone senses insecurity in Balochistan: BSO-A

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch Student Organization Azad (BSO Azad) has expressed grave concerns over the killing of thebso_azad missing zonal activist of the organization Sangat Rasool Jan and others decomposed bodies were dump during the operation in Kech. The operation is intensified and widened in range throughout Balochistan and innocent civilians are being injured and killed. Informed BSO-A officials the media by a press conference held at Karachi press club.

They stated that even people do not feel themselves safe at their homes. Passengers during the travel on roads are feared they may not be abducted and disappeared from the security check posts established on highways and in towns. That is why everyone in Balochistan is in sense of insecurity.

The media is responsible professionally and ethically to show real picture and also represent the political and social changes in any region, but in Balochistan the situation is contradicted, because with every passing day innocent Balochs are targeted to kill, abducted and thousands of families are forcibly displaced from their native areas, and atrocities on Baloch has been blacked-out by mentioned media. BSO Azad officials blamed.

Further stated in BSO Azad statement that numerous incidents took place in Balcohistan and the reliable example of it is last days conducted operation in Turbat where missing persons’ bullet riddled bodies were thrown into fake encounter. Apart from the body of Hayat Baywas other bodies were identified of the missing persons, who were abducted from different areas of Balochistan some days before this incident. Months ago missing persons were killed in a fake encounter in Noshkey, their bodies were dumped and the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons an organization also verified early arrest of killed Balochs. The mainstream media is silent about such incidents.

Din Mohammad Bugti was abducted from Dasht, Master Asghar Dad was picked up on December, 2013, and Rasool Jan Baloch was abducted along with more than a dozen of students on January 7, 2014, from Atta Shad College Hostel at Turbat. He was the General Secretary of BSO Azad Turbat zone and a student of BA in Atta Shad College, he simultaneously was a teacher at DELTA English Language Center. They were abducted in the presence of many people. Hayat Baloch was handicap and was on wheel chair for many years, he was killed at his home during the operation. BSO Azad workers expressed in lamented way during the press conference.

Rasool Jan Baloch was struggling peacefully through the platform of BSO Azad. He was not only a student but also a teacher at DELTA Center a private English language center. Many such models are present in Balochistan that activists were abducted on the bases of political affiliation, and later on they were killed. But the civil society and media are completely silent about this issue.

 The BSO Azad is concerned about the life of Chairman Zahid Baloch, Zakir Majeed Baloch, the abducted members and leaders including all the missing persons. The United Nation, international human rights organizations and media should play their due role to stop the extra judicial killing of the Baloch activists. Due to silence of these institutes, thousands of missing persons’ lives is at risk.


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