Iran offers Pakistan for security assistance in Balochistan

Bolan Voice Report

The Iranian foreign Minister Abdul Raza Fazali visited Islamabad and in a meeting with the Pakistani highrahmani-fazli2 level officials he offered for security assistance in South-West province of Balochistan, especially in the bordering areas. In discussed areas which are formally administered by Pakistan but Iran claims in adjacent belt with Iranian border is no writ of State of Pakistan. Further, the Iranian Minister also prescribed about joint operations for the eradication of terrorist activities in this region.

The Iranian news agency informed that Mr. Fazali forthed proposal for a troika coalition; Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan to combat terrorism on their soil and conduct operations against terrorists, jointly. He on behalf of his country offered the Pakistan for security assistance too. “We are ready to facilitate Pakistan and Afghanistan in security affairs in where they have problems of insecurity”. Said Mr Fazali.

The Iranian foreign minister said that we several times notified the Pakistan about incapability to control on terrorists and halting them to intrude in their country, where they carry-out attacks on Iranian revolutionary guards deployed along with East-North border. Be remembered that Iranian authorities repeatedly blamed that terrorist from Pakistan enter into Iran and carry-out attacks on its security forces and they back to safe sanctuaries into Balochistan. They also warned, if the state of Pakistan fails to prevent the attacks, resultantly, their forces will penetrate into Pakistani side to deal with them effectively.


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