Murder of Sabeen Mahmud; no one is allowed to dissent

By Ahmed Khan

Sabeen Mahmud a 40 years lady, on 24th April, 2015, was shot-dead right after a seminar “Un-silencing11156126_960159320669087_5721720710965510220_n Balochistan”. After conclusion of seminar, she was on the way to home in Karachi Defense area which is a posh cluster of the city that her vehicle stopped on a square due to red-signal, meantime the motor cyclists were lurking opened fire and targeted Ms Mahmud on her upper torso. The bullets hit on her head, neck, chest and other parts of body which had pierced into the body. She was injured critically and before being shifted to hospital succumbed to bullet wounds.

Sabeen Mahmud’s mother also received bullets but she survived. The driver was sitting in same vehicle on back seat at time of spree, remained unhurt in the incident.

Sabeen Mahmud was a pacifist with progressive mind-set. She love humanism and was a crusade to overcome on injustices exist in society, in civilized way by logic and reason. For pragmatic steps to implement here’s thoughts on ground she established a café is called “The Second Floor (T2F)”. It was a library and forum where untouched or rejected matters would be discussed by intellectuals and sane people who persuade or get convinced through rational information or dialectics.

Sabeen Mahmud broached various topics on her developed forum T2F, on the eve of “Valentine Day” she tweeted “Let lovers get closed” (Faslae na rakhein, piyar honay dain) which goaded the religions elements that already were campaigning against this festival.

 Apart from mentioned topics, Sabeen Mahmud was a staunch human rights defender and in this state the citizen’s rights are not given but country is run in plutocratic style by mixture of religion. The ruling class and establishment merely taking benefit has coerced the majority but for the justification of their stand-off they get verdicts from clergymen.

The civilized world is to be observed about advancement in life and civilization, so only the glasnost (openness) is the thing which led them to trouble free, even tolerance about religion or interfaith. Sabeen Mahmud also was striving to pave a way for such a society where people would respect the faith of each other and her forum T2F was cornerstone about this.

In Balochistan, the injustices by state officials roused rebellious sentiments. Instead of redress the Balochistan’s people; the haughty rulers are suppressing voice of victims in this province. The maltreated Baloch by establishment formed an organization to voice-up against atrocities on them. These Baloch were headed by Sabeen Mahmud and she as her nature arranged a seminar to spot-light on this bereft issue. But she did not know that some matters are totally illicit even to be visualized in mind about those you have talked.

Sabeen Mahmud worked on various fields and challenging issues. Her mechanism for putting things on right position was very decent, rational, logical and pacifist. Hence, motives behind the murder of Sabeen Mahmud have conveyed a message to critiques in Pakistan that they zip theirs lips, blind fold the eyes and lock on the brains.

The minds do not imagine any dissent; otherwise, their fate will be similar to Sabeen Mahmud. The assailants of Ms Mahmud are so strong and unanswerable to anyone because they have perpetrated in such situation and condition that a common person probably cannot do it. In defense area of Karachi is fully protected by government’s security official through all means of modern invention and it is supervised by high rank officers. That is why Sabeen’s murderers may not be caught but can silent to dissent perseveres.

Malala Yousafzai condemned the tragic killing of human rights activist by say her hurts goes-out to Sabeen’s family and friends. She stated further the authorities should arrest the perpetrators of this crime and to protect human rights and peaceful activists.

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) stated in its urgent appeal program that the federal government must appoint judges from Sind High Court (SHC) to hold inquiry in to the murder of human rights defender and bring the culprits before the court of law whatever is their position. It is high time that the security forces who are running their own parallel system against the rule of law.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) stated in its press release that they strongly condemned the assassination of renewed activist and human rights defender Sabeen Mahmud. The commission demanded that Sabeen’s killers must be held to account and immediate steps must be taken to address the escalating threats and violence against rights defender across Pakistan.

Further the HRCP stated the authorities must acknowledge the growing protection challenges for human rights defenders and must adopt measures to ensure their safety and to end impunity for the perpetrators who have been systematically silencing the bravest daughters and sons.

The observatory for the protection of human rights defenders (FIDH) in a joint program and the World Organization Against Torture (OMCT) in a joint program expressed dismay of the assassination of Ms. Sabeen Mahmud and called upon the authorities to investigate and bring the perpetrators of this hatful crime to justice.

Further the organization stated the Pakistani authorities must promptly investigate the circumstances leading to Ms Sabeen in order to end this long-lasting climate of impunity, by bringing the perpetrators of this hateful crime to justice. Added OMCT Secretary General Staberock.


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