Not taken into confidence on Pak-China corridor: Dr Malik Baloch

By Shehzad Baloch

he historical records in Pakistan tell that politicians ever remained subservient to establishment but they didn’t let business of politics for gain of individual interests, particularly wealth.

In 1998, when Akhtar Mengal was Chief Minister of Balochistan and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz instantly was governing in center. At that time, the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in response of Indian Nuclear tests conducted in its state Rajistan, was stubborn to conduct similar tests. On 28th May, 1998, the nuclear tests in Raskoh, a part of Chaghi district were conducted. The Chief Minister Akhtar Mengal himself received Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at Quetta air and drove vehicles to city personal. But when Mr Mengal’s government was sacked by Prime Minister, so he as similar Dr Malik spoke that he was kept uninformed about nuclear tests in Balochistan, irrationally.

The analysts said, if Akhtar Mengal Should had resigned right after nuclear tests as protest, so he could be a hero among the Baloch but did not do alike and was sticking with chair of power. Akhtar Mengal was lowered by controller of state but he not give-in pursuance of seats in same powerless assemblies.

This time another Baloch nationalist party for the half tenure of assemblies imitating to BNP has been brought in power. Dr Malik Baloch has given Chief Minister Posit in province of Balochistan. He disparately gives statements, sometimes he says his government is powerful and has all authorities but contrary to his stand-off also says that he and his office are helpless.

At assembly floor, Dr Malik Baloch said that federal companies set political fire in Balochistan and these are not paying due share in province minerals and gas production; these companies’ offices are also not shifted in province where minerals and gas are being extracted.

Now Dr Malik Baloch says he has not been taken into confidence on Pak-China economic corridor. This project is a massive economic uplifting effort and related with Gwadar and Balochistan. As similar Akhtar Mengal, the present Chief Minister is expostulating for being bypassed. At this moment, he should resign in protesting and prove this that assemblies are not medium to secure the rights of Balochistan and Baloch people. Otherwise, Dr Malik will also dissipate a chance of being hero similar to the former Chief Minister Akhtar Mengal.

Here it does not seem that Dr Malik Baloch will take a bold step against change in route of economic corridor but will subsist only on statements to pretend masses. Otherwise, intense protest may not annoy establishment and Dr Malik’s interests gaining way is blocked. The nationalists know better know these assemblies are powerless and power is vested in someone else. These politicians in cover of nationalisms, religion and tribalism will continue longing for same assemblies’ seats for gain of individual interests.


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