Nuclear tests radiate fallouts in Balochistan

By Mansoor Baloch

Nuclear test conducted to confirm the power and explosive potential of nuclear weapons. The main purposepic-RasKoh of conducting nuclear test to get information how it works and it often used to mark of scientific and military power. Conducting nuclear tests to declare their state as a nuclear power country.

The first nuclear weapon test was conducted by the United States America (USA) on 16 July, 1945. The USA has conducted 1030 tests, among them 815 tests were underground, 210 were in the atmosphere and 5 were under water.

Pakistan conducted its first nuclear test on 28th May, 1998. The tests were conducted in Chaghi district of Balochistan province at the hills of RasKoh. After the nuclear tests’ Pakistan was declared the first Muslim nuclear power state.

Chaghi is known the largest districts of Pakistan covering 50,545 km land area of the country. It is located in the North West corner of Balochistan, Pakistan, and bordering with Afghanistan and Iran.

 As the compensation of nuclear test the suppressed people of Balochistan are suffering from the operations which are conducted on daily basis in every district, number of people are displaced from their home towns and many of them are forcibly abducted, their bodies marks of severely tortured dumped in various areas of the province, the discovery of mass graves deepen the concerns of missing persons family members.

Moreover, the Balochistan province made the Pakistan a nuclear state. After the nuclear tests hollow promises and claims were made by the provincial and federal governments for the development of the province. But the situation is getting worsen with each passing day. People are suffering from poverty, in the existence of RecoDick, Saindak and Gwadar deep sea port etc.

The health care centers are showing the worst form in the province Balochistan and a large number of people are suffering various diseases after the nuclear test radiation, such as skin diseases, redness of skin, heart diseases, blood problem and diarrhea etc.

The agriculture system is going to be down each passing day because the ecological effects of the test are numerous. As geologists believe that the tests have not only causes a decline in ground water but also have polluted both surface and ground waters. Therefore, the polluted water is not suitable four human beings drinking or even farming.  Global climate change resulting in water shortage has already affected the entire region.

The nuclear test explosion resulted diseases and deaths of numerous cattle’s affected by the radiation. The livestock and agriculture are the main source of livelihood of the people Balochistan province. The tests have terribly affected the social, economic and livestock of the people. No measures are taken by the both provincial and federal concerned department to facilitate the affected people of the area.

As research studies have been produced that these claims many inborn in children in Chaghi and other adjoining areas of the province including abnormality of limbs or their loss in the later segment of the age.

What actually Balochistan needs the social, economic, educational, health, sanitation, equality and agricultural development. But unfortunately every regime of the governments, the people of Balochistan are being apologized by the ruling government for the injustices, violation of human rights and the wrong policies of the governments. After months or years the ruling government will act extensively on the same policies.


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