The predicament of Yemen bares exploitation through state-structure

By Ahmad Khan

The Saudi Arabia is a state was created to deal the Muslim World by imperialist. It was used as controllingsanaa-shia-houthi-yemen on Muslim World but now circumstances evolved in shape that this state is representing only Sunni Sect. It is bizarre that the Saudi has amicable interaction with Non-Muslim States but has antagonism with Shias a sect within Muslim faith. In fact, the sectarian belief is being used to extract benefits and distract detriments.

Currently two types of states exist in world; social inclined and corporate or bourgeois ruled states.

In Europe, some states are welfare or social and also democratic which secure interests of its citizens are cherished by them with patriotic sentiments. For instance, Sweden, Denmark, Newze-land, Canada, Holland and so on. These mentioned state’s governments are like administrative committees and borders are totally slackened and defense budget of said states is very small in size, but these exploit all its income for citizens’ welfare and better life standard.

The second types of states are controlled by bourgeois who persecute its people in despotic way. The Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan India and likewise are the best model of corporate state. Where citizens are enslaved and denied all human rights in 21st century.

A layer or bourgeois class is all in all within country and masses are helpless or they kept engaged in gain of sustenance or they are got loggerhead in sectarian affairs.

Similarly, the Saudi royal family has expanded its influence on other countries out of the Saudi Arabia. The Yemen is one among those discussed countries. The Saudi royals created a comprador or controlled regime in shape of Mansoor Hadi governorate in Yemen and through that it was plundering all resources and labor of Yemenis by the use of sectarian slogan.

The long grubby series of injustices with Yemenis give birth to rebellious sentiments. In this country, both sects wagging war against compradors. The Sunnis joined platform of Al-Qaeda and second largest population is Zaidi comprises on Houthi tribes who formed armed militia after long term exploitation at the hands of Saudis an imperialist supported monarchism run country.

In Yemen, the Houti insurgency began in June, 2004. Hussan Badreddin al –Houthi is belonging to Zaidi sect was heading insurgency after dissident with Saadah government. The insurgency got animated in Northwestern Yemen and spread in other parts of country including in Saudi Province of Jizan.

In South of Yemen is bastion of Al-Qaeda Sunni belief a militant organization has rife globally. This organization is also unaccepted by Saudi monarchists and their supporter the United States of America.

In August, 2009, the Yemeni Army launched an operation but motivated and persecuted people by rulers of country and Saudis were invincible. The Houthi’s fight got focused by world when they skirmished with Saudi forces along with border in 2009.

On 20 January, 2015, the Houthi fighters overthrew the Mansoor Hadi regime by capturing the presidential place. The so-called president run-away to Saudi Arabia for sanctuary. Saudi Arabia is the country where mostly abscond totalitarians take refuge, for instance, Mansoor Hadi ousted president of Yemen, Zain-ul-Abidin the banished president of Tunisia, Nawaz Sharif also went Saudi when he was ousted by Musharraf, and other many rulers after massive corruption run to this country where they ever received with protocol and onward lead luxurious life by looted wealth from their country’s citizens.

Presently, the Houthi fighters have occupied the most of areas in Yemen. But they don’t have any political program to implement in country for smooth running it. They through their statements expressed that in Yemen will not be theologist government of Zaidi because in country the Shafi doctrine is bigger. The Houthis are intended to establish a parliament where all sects have equal rights, and Hadi government and predecessor regimes ever marginalized them.

The Saudi Arabia extracts all agriculture products and resources of Yemen by a controlled government in shape of Mansoor Hadi and predecessors who kept pauper the Houthis and now they have toppled this regime. But, the Saudi Bourgeois is worried that this country may go out of their control. The Saudi Arabia is an arid area but gets agrigarian products from Yemen. This country was under the control of Saudi by a comprador that is why it is fighting by formed alliance conisting of some Arab States. In their joint statement Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait said they decided to repel Houthi militias, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the country.

In ongoing war in Yemen; the UAE contributed 30 fighter jets, Bahrain 15, Kuwait 15, Qatar 10 and Jordan 6 in current operation. The mentioned countries formed a joint Arab force and declared Houthi coup a threat to Gulf States.

Here it is some interesting that they consider Houthis Shia and inclined toward Iran a Shai theologies state, but ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not Shia and these are bigot Sunni organizations, but are not accepted by Saudi and Sunni Arab States above mentioned. This policy implies, the war in Yemen is not a religious or sectarian but bargoeise defending strife.

Currently, the United States has reconciled on nuclear controversies with Iran; hence evade to step-in the war of Yemen in favor of its old ally the Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Arabia is expecting from those countries where it has established comprador or religious supporters or empowered theirs armies. The Pakistan is epitomized, about this BBC through a report informed that Saudi ever funded this country. Further the western media informed that the Saudi Arabia added 60 % share in construction of Pakistan’s Atomic bomb. And after nuclear tests on 28th May, 1998, in Balochistan province, the international world imposed sanctions on Pakistan, and then the Saudi Arabia had been giving 50000 barrels per day to it for sustaining.

The Pakistani army and government bought war machinery, war-plane and other equipment by given funds the Arab states, especially the Saudi Arabia. Today, those countries want Pakistan should come forth and support war in Yemen to the Saudi Arabia whether it is righteous or wrong.  The Bourgeoisies bring up comprador to use them in their favor, and present states are not for citizens’ welfare but established to protect the burghers’ interests.

The Pakistan aristocrats have business and properties in Saudi, UAE and other Arab States, so for protection of their assets they also are inclined to involve in Yemen war but common masses are dissuaded.

The Houthis should adopt a socialistic ideology and win masses hearts and minds. Further, they should deliver justice to masses, and get all Yemenis regardless creed and sect, and then no one can defeat them. Because the Houthis if get dependent on Iran then they will again be slave like they were of Saudi and Yemen will be out of fry pan but into the fire. And they will build another bourgeois controlled state by Iran instead of Saudi Arabia. Certainly, in such condition mutiny will be up. They must remember only social based system can pull-out country from chaos.

Karl Marx viewed the state as a creature of the bourgeois economic interest. The executive of the modern state is nothing but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie. The quotation of Marx is approved in Yemen by the Saudi, Pakistan and Arab States that’s citizens cost off this purposeless war.


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