The reverberated Pak-China economic corridor is for military purposes: BSO-A

Bolan Voice Report

The China’s president arrival in Pakistan and signing on the agreements pertaining to the   investment onbso_azad Baloch land invigorates the Chinese expansionism in this region. The investment by China in Balochistan is for the military interests not for economic development. Said the BSO Azad spokesperson in a statement.

The China is desired to get the control on the Baloch land and resources through Pakistan and overcome on rival states and materialize its expansionist policies on ground. The Chinese arrival in Balochistan is a great threat to the Baloch national interests, years old history and existence.

The China is extending its legs till Central Asian States and Africa which will ignite a war in region and foreboded further it will catch in flame to entire world. The China is going to wage a war on Baloch land, a distanced place intentionally to get unharmed its country.

 With the announcement of Gwadar to Kashgar economic corridor construction, the security forces have intensified its ongoing operation and genocide of Baloch nation in Balochistan by Chines succor. The security forces are displacing the Baloch mass from their villages and towns. The future ominous atrocities on the Baloch masses can be assessed by incept of construction of corridor which impacted on Baloch drasticaly.

The China is assisting the Pakistani security forces on large scale with aim to give protection its investment in Balochistan. The China is also determent to diploy its aircraft carrier ship in Baloch occasion in nearer future. It is outspoken that China’s investment in this region is not for the economic development but to obtain its military interests.

The spokesperson further stated, the Baloch nation is striving to uphold its identity and do not allow such investments in warlike situations. The aim of Chinese military investment is to make colonies in world including Balochistan.

Furthermore, government is trying for the demographic changes in the coastal areas and maligned to displace the Baloch masses from their land.

The agreements about Gwadar port without the consent of Blaoch nation cannot be materialized, because nation do not allow the Chinese or other international companies to invest on Baloch land in present settings.

The international organizations and developed countries should come forth to prevent the Baloch land turning into war arena, and then Baloch nation will be able to contribute in maintaining the peace in world. The civilized world assistance can enable Baloch to play a constructive role in international peace and development.


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