The Secret

By Dil Jan Qadir, Turbat

‘Secret’ is a piece of information which is kept undisclosed to the people for a particular period, but on aSecret conducive time is to divulge. Certainly, the secret has a great significance about an opting true path in human life. And secret enables the applying of the experiences and changes in life, onward.

The secret reveals the law of attraction which is the powerful and predominant in human life. Wherever in this world, people have secrets; resultantly, they cannot deny its value and importance. The positive use of secret confers pleasure to human. It ever paved course to tremendous notions. It generates curiosity to know about the life and existence. In real, the human ever continues quest to explore the secrets in this universe.

Everyone knows that secret is a source of philosophical thoughts, which seek ways for upcoming and improved life. The positive substances in secret also impact on brilliance of a person optimistically. The mankind utmost requires good thoughts and great ideas which only can be gained by knowing the secret of life.

Nevertheless, people can convert its feeling into sketches abruptly, whether these are memories or future exaptation or humor; these all require a specific time and place to be expressed or exhibit, hence prior to that these remain as secret. On a suitable time and occasion, informing about secret magically pleasures to a person. By knowing secret a person can mold life in suit shape which can take it to a prosperous status-quo.

The law of attraction is undeniable fact in lives. However, the moment is much precious when the idea was developed that how to share the knowledge with entire world. Simultaneously, something keeps exclude in shared information which becomes the goal of an individual’s life. This concealed information is secret of life for a person.

By now, it has known that keeping something secret is a tough job. And every individual has secrets in its life. The secret is found in various types; harmless, jovial, senses; to harm someone or use it for self-control.

The secret propels a person for contrive; Of course, keeping secret makes a person trustworthy and mysterious which have thrilling advantages in routine life, because mentioned characteristics cause prominence and well-repute to a person.


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