Human trafficking; despicable outcome of capitalism

By Ahmed Khan

Human when live alone or without society so it was omitted sharing quality and interactions. Anthropologists articlesRohingya_refugees_from_Myanmar_sail_to_seek_employment_in_Malaysia.transformedsay, human is a social animal and live in society with convenient by inter-society interactions. Society developed shape is state which presently is triggering persecutions and exploitation of common citizens by thrust of capitalism.

Presently state exists with double-facet in the world. If we review the European states those are democratic
or to same extent are social democratic. Karl Marx in communist theory forecasted for single state on this globe but for the barter of commodities prescribed for formation of regional committees. The European Union has materialized the dream of Marx to some extent. In European, countries are but without borders restriction, and they also opted single currency for trade in those countries and religion is not business of state but is part of private life. Thus, there’s people are leading some prosperous lives, though human have to move to more developments and civilized destine.

The Asian and African countries turned into peoples’ blood smocking firm, in these continents, countries are controlled by bourgeois and this class is looting human ruthlessly.

Presently, in Myanmar, the tool of religion is being used for massacre of people, in this country, the ethnic of Rohingya is persecuted by Buddhists, even Buddhism is considered most peaceful one the religious. The monks of Buddhism don’t wear shoes to squeeze any living but now they are slaughtering humans like butchers. The main reason behind the rampage is uneven economy and political injustices. The China backed authoritative government is totally imprudent to give protection the Rohingya people. Thousands Rohingyas have been killed and millions fled to other countries for saving lives. Those tyrannized people by human smuggler in yachts travel to Malaysia and Indonesia. Many of these helpless peopled died due to starvation and many were left on shores in desolated areas where they died due to hunger and thrust.

The news appeared in international media informs that Wang Kelein is an unassuming settlement but it has been thrust into the global spot light after the discovery in nearly jungle of dozen of secret camps used by people smugglers and nearly 140 grave sites.

The area police informed some of those graves contain multiple bodies raising the terrible prospect of hundreds of unexplained death. Malaysian authorities began the grim task of exhumation.

The camp appears to be part of a complex of bases stretching into Thailand on what had been a well-established route smuggling mostly Rohingya people from Burma [Mynmar] and Bangladesh. But the trade has been in chaos since early May, when Thailand’s authorities launched a crackdown after the discovery of mass grave on their side of border.

Thousands of migrants headed for Thailand started landing elsewhere in South-East Asia. And the smuggler fled their jungle hideouts, migrants were spotted in Wang Kelien.

A citizen talking to media said she had seen several migrant, whom she believed to be Rohingya, and heard stories about many others, including that they would go to nearby Mosque to ask for help.

Other echoed her story. Another said she had spotted a Bangladeshi migrant wandering in the area and knocking on her neighbor’s door.

“It is very sad. We have been hearing these stories, but we cannot do much” said the women, who declined to give her name. “Could only after food, clean clothes, but we have to call them and they will be taking away by the police after that,”

The Asian nations have been struggling with the growing waves of desperate migrant who are landing on the shores of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, in the past few weeks, at least 3,000 people have washed ashore or been rescues by fishermen and several thousand more are believed to still be at sea after smugglers abandoned boats after a regional crackdown.

Some are Bangladeshi hoping to find jobs abroad. But many are Rohingya ethnic who have been drove out by predominantly Buddhist in Myanmar a supported state of dictatorship which is reliant on so called socialist state of China. The Rohingya are denied basic rights and citizenship even living in country about a century but they are confined in camps, and their number is above than one million in country of Myanmar. The injustices and tyrannies compelled humans to venture on grievous journey for solace and a better life.

Similar to this region, the African also got chagrined from uneven distribution in economy and distinguished applying of laws on citizens by criteria of poor and rich. Thousands of people due to neoliberalism take risk of life and by human smugglers voyage in boats to Europe, Italy and other countries. During current year, hundreds families lost lives without truing the dream of prosperous and hunger free life.

In last month, hundreds people were stranded in European seas of Canada, Italy, Greece and other countries but authorities were not allowing them to enter in their country’s area. Among the troubled people, children and women were also including.

In Asian countries, a large number of poor from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan travel to Middle-East oil rich countries and Europe through human smugglers.

Pakistan’s North-East areas people, specifically province of Punjab people remunerate human-traffickers with their entire life savings or auction their live-stocks and then they come South-West province Balochistan, which is bordering with Afghanistan and Iran. This province’s coastal area is on distance of about 50 miles from the Gulf States Oman and Dubai.

Panjabi ethnic people and other migrant by the launches of smuggler travel to Middle-East states, some of them succeed to their desired destine but there they work like slaves because they don’t have legal documents.

Many of discussed migrant enter in Iran without travelling documents or some have forged papers. Mostly these migrant are arrested by Iranian forces and deported back to Pakistan. Among them some succeed to reach Turkey and get arrested by Turkish official who behave with them inhuman way, the fate of majority mentioned migrant is deportation after bearing the pain of intense weather and excruciating travelling. A number of people die in the way to Europe due harsh weather and situations. In past, migrant would go to Europe by Balochistan to Iran, then Turkey and then Greece and Italy, but now borders are secured with security and modern invented devices, as well as planted mines and bomb sub-ground along with the borders demarcations. These all made impossible the borders crossing, but embittered live, bad law and older, ruined political system, biased prevalence of laws, desperate future and other reasons push indigents through migration to developed world.

In Pakistani province Balochistan, the Hazara ethnic predominating Shia sect is under attacked of majority Wahabis. This community is fleeing to other countries due to unending attacks on them. They have to exodus to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia or any other country in all means whether those are legal or illegal.

The Afghani people from Afghanistan come to Balochistan by human smugglers in very perilous ways. They travel by trawlers and containers, and many times several people died due to choking and unviability and fresh air for breathing to people in sealed massive boxes welded with vehicles.

Human trafficking is great menace for humanity and it is the world of injustice with powerless humans by affluent and statesmen. Presently, in above discussed countries and regions states are exploitation, coercing tools and nothing else.

Some where people are being wronged in the pretense of religion, race, ethnic and nationality. Here all these means are untrue and the main reason is the economy. For instance, the Rohingya ethnic is being persecuted by Buddhists and it is reasoned confliction between faiths of Muslims and Buddhism but in Pakistan people are fleeing to Europe who are tyrannized by fellow Muslims, here no Buddhist exist. In Afghanistan, currently no sectarian confliction seems but people are exploited in hand of homo-sects. Bengalis and Indians are migrating not for religious factor but due to poverty and hunger. Behind illegal migration solely injustices of capitalism is motive which is mauling the innocent people on state level in shape of religion, race, ethnic, and so on. Otherwise, the same race, religion and ethnics are living in Europe’s developed countries but such loathsome conflictions do not take place there.

In world human smuggling cannot be stopped by crackdown on smugglers or traffickers. Or this series cannot be suspended by beefing-up the security measures and installation of security devices on borders. Only by the implementation of socialism and providing justice to people is panacea of this malady. The ghastly genie of neoliberalism will cause destruction in world and take-up people for migration. And this lout can be defeated by an even economic system only.


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