Main hospital of Balochistan the Sandman-Hospital dilapidates

By Basheer Ahmed Ijbani

IMG_0604Civil Hospital is known as a Sandman hospital is situated in the Quetta capital of Balochistan which is main hospital in the province. The viceroy of British government in this region Sir Robert Sandman erected this hospital during the occupation of Britain on subcontinent. Sir Robert Sandman was colonial British Indian officer and administrator, was sun of General Robert Turnbull Sandman.

In 1866, Sir Sandman was appointed officer of Dera Ghazi Khan and there first showed his capacity in dealing with Baloch tribes. He was very eminent leader and his entire life spent for the serving of human. He always interested for development and improvement at that time he brought such these historical works and built Hospital and schools. He died in 1892. After his death our authorities got failed to maintain the management of hospitals to bring improvement and new technologies, the masses of province they are still on difficulties due to lack of facilities in discussed hospital.

The crisis which provincial Sandman Hospital is facing, the modern technologies with technologists for the 7-28-2012_60943_l (1)sub-departments. But unfortunately the people of province, they are deprived of these facilities in this modern era. If the Balochistan is examined, so Quetta is the developed and modern city throughout province and it is also provincial capital.  In city is rash of buildings without building code and jumbled of traffic. The Quetta is sole city in Balochistan where the other districts people come with mean of treatment in capital of province. In spite of capital and modern city the Quetta compared to other areas of Balochistan, even than people are in hot water in this city. From very far areas people are come but there are not facilities in governmental hospitals and the patients are facing difficulties due to scarce of facilities in hospital, as compare to other hospitals civil is very rash because its situated in the center of city, local people are referring to civil hospital.

Here the civil hospital Quetta problems are spotlighted. Some departments are utmost required which do not exist in discussed hospital; pathology, new born Unit and neurology. Radiology is not established at mentioned hospital yet, which is chief requirement for diagnose of diseases and doctors send patients to private labs for CT-scan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging [MRI], and most of patients cannot afford heavy charges.

At hospital gynecology department is but it lacks Born Unit. Surprisingly, Neuro-surgeons are appointed in hospital but no department exists.

Discussed above essential machineries and skilled staff are required at civil hospital Quetta which are available at private hospitals situated around the largest government hospital of province. Unavailability of modern machinery and qualified staff at civil hospital Quetta is great unjust with citizens who cannot approach to private hospital due to indigence. In some departments machinery is provided but that is out of order and need reparation or innovation. The authorities of hospital express disability about overhauling the said machinery reasoning with lack of funds.

The private labs charge Rs 4000 or 5000 thousands fee for MRI and CT-Scan and this amount is not affordable by poor people whose entire month income is equal or lower than the mentioned sum.

The provincial government allocates an enormous amount for health sector in its annual budget. The plight of Civil Hospital speaks explicitly that this amount is not being spent on this organization but it is vanishing somewhere else which is to be ascertained. A common person can apprehend that if apportioned budget is utilized in fair manner for hospital so certainly its condition would not be like present.

Mostly patients have been from Civil Hospital complained about staff of hospital for not dealing in polite manner. The labs staff and technicians at civil hospital have affiliations with private ones and patient blame on them for covenant with outside of hospital lab owners.

It was also noticed that computers operating staff charge in extra at receipt section from gullible persons. Such things must be monitored by Medical Superintendent [MS] of Civil Hospital, and it is the responsibility of MS he must visit and check the system of each department at main hospital of the province. It would be more appreciated that MS receive complains by the patients personally and take measures for the resolve of those.

At Civil Hospital the political influence also is affecting the performances, where joiner doctors other staff has been promoted by affiliations with authorities bypassing all rules and regulations, whilst senior and competent ones are compelled work as sub-ordinate. Recommendation and dishonest culture is on peak at civil hospital Quetta, that the position holders are deprived of their right status. Political injustices has dilapidated the large health unit of province the Civil Hospital Quetta and here fair system prevalence is paramount, otherwise this will go to total failure. The higher authorities’ urgent attentions are invited to this hospital for rehabilitation.

The writer can be reached at email: basheerahmed30. Com twitter: @basheerijbani blog: http://www. basheerijbari.wordpress. com  Facebook: basheerijbani.


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