“National Action Plan and Balochistan”

“National Action Plan” in accordance to the 21st amendment of the constitution of Pakistan was the result of massive carnage of Army Public School Peshawar on 16the December 2014.

The National Action Plan and the 21st amendment was introduced to counter the severe terrorism along Pakistan prime minister pushes anti-terrorist National Action Plan as doubts linger on special military courts 3with all the stuff fueling terror & violence within state, such as extremism, sectarianism, religious intolerance and hatred etc. NAP consists of 20 points and was public by the Prime Minister himself, some of the 5 important points (Concerned to Quetta’s current scenario) are;

1: Militant outfits and armed gangs will not be allowed to operate in the country.

2: Strict action will be taken against the literature, newspapers and magazines promoting hate-material, decapitation, extremism, sectarianism and intolerance.

3: The defunct outfits will not be allowed to operate under any other name.

4: End to religious extremism and protection of minorities will be ensured.

5: No room will be left for the extremism in any part of the country.

But the NAP seems to be “in coma” within the Balochistan, especially in Quetta. As in reference to the above mentioned points of NAP respectively, Religious Militant Outfits are freely operating in Quetta killing the masses and claiming the responsibility. Non-serious mode is adopted by the LEAs against the prohibition of speeches or literature promoting religious intolerance, sectarianism & extremism and all the defunct outfits are allowed to work by other names which are provided free vacuum for promoting extremism and religious intolerance in common public places. Similarly, no strategy has been adopted to ensure the security of minorities as “Hazaras” being in minority, are targeted routinely. Extremism and sectarian violence has occupied the city which has snatched the peace of the whole city.

Raza Hyder Chaingezi, Quetta


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