World Blood Donor Day; 14th June

By M Anwar Baloch

Anwar Baloch14th June 2015 — The theme of this year’s campaign is “Thank you for saving my life”. It focuses on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly with the slogan “Give freely, give often. Blood donation matters.” The campaign aims to highlight stories from people whose lives have been saved through blood donation, as a way of motivating regular blood donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood to begin doing so. (WHO)

Pakistan with international world marks “World Blood Donor Day” on 14th June which is specified for Blood WBDD20141donors by World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nation’s commission. The Blood Donor Day conduction is supposed to sensitize the youth about donation of blood and on this date convening is also aimed to gratitude those who by the donation confer new life to Millions ail people worldwide and those patients’ survival rely on that donated blood.

In country of Pakistan 250000 bottles blood is required yearly but hardly 22000 are being banked and this ratio is much lower comparatively other countries of world. Within Pakistan, in the province of Balochistan the trend of blood donation is dawdling. Here, in some cities and a small number of students on college and University levels donate blood and excluding this rest of population is reluctant about this philanthropic effort. Among females the blood donation conscious is equal to none.

Surprisingly, in our country a great portion of population is unaware about their blood group, though in this modern era it is mandatory for human. The identification of blood group helps at the time of causality and by this way someone also can be solaced by family-kin or donor.

History and Purpose of Blood Donation:

During the World War-I, a French person exerted for donation of blood but due to non-categorization in blood could not succeed. At that time, positive and negative ingredients in blood were discovered only. With passage of time medical science is developing and through this human discovered the blood groups which helped combination for donation and transfer of blood and this also highlights the factors which guide relevance to transformation of blood.

In 1930, Siki Foso institute of medical science in Masco experimented in odd way, that a 60 year old man who lost his life in an accident and within 24 hours of death that person’s blood was transferred to a young man and his life was saved, who attempted to commit suicide and during that he cut-off his both hands.

Similarly, Munich Clinic, Chemical Street in England also successively transformed blood from a person to another one in 1936. The mobile Blood Banks through vans in Spain were collecting and supplying to hospital in 1936, said vehicles were facilitated with devices to stock blood fresh for long time.

In 1939, an English doctor Philip discovered the transfer of Anti-body is genetically part in blood, similarly Dr Aidnone in 1941 discovered plasma and red blood cell separation. The Red-cross initiated blood bank formation in 1941. Aftermath in 1943 Doctors Paul B.Son revealed that Hepatitis patient by transformation of blood also shift the disease to next person. In 1948, Doctor Capri started using of plastic pouches instead bottles of made of glass for preservation of blood.

Blood is divided in eight groups with four positive and four negative; A+ve, B+ve, O+ve, AB+ve and in negative group O-ve, B-ve, A-ve, AB-ve, respectively. O-ve group holders are universal donor that can donate blood to other all group holders whilst the mentioned group holders can be donated by only O-ve and other all groups do not match with them. AB+ve group can receive blood from all others fellow groups but it cannot donate at all to someone. A+ve group of blood in large size covers 34% exists with majority in world.

A healthy person between the ages of 18 to 55 years can donate blood least 4 times in years, if someone does not donate four times so twice in year can conveniently. Commonly, the human body contains equal to three bottles blood in spare, hence those youth who donate blood within three months, so it impacts on them positively in health account. In such people cholesterol remains on normal level, within three months donation of blood causes generation fresh blood in human body which makes stronger the immunization power against diseases. It is also a famous adage that to generate fresh blood and get healthy. By the donation blood a person never gets podgy, even contrary to the said notion, donation symptoms positively on health of someone. The donation of blood in three months also shuns the attack of lethal diseases, like cancer.

In our country the blood donation is required most due to high rate of accidents, bomb blast and likewise. Apart from this, thousands children are suffering from thalassemia disease required blood in each month. The dialysis patient required blood in each month, the same patient also required blood in week in case of operation, and otherwise they cannot be operated without blood supplement.

Thanks to donors of Baloch Blood Bank who come for donation by a phone call without knowing the patient’s details. They put aside all their routine practices for this charitable task. Mostly, attendant of a patient donate to needful one, but sometimes people deny for donating blood their parents. Baloch Blood Bank has been established before four years. This organization has supplied around 14000 blood required patients through its kind donors and this splendid performance is glory for this.

The World Blood Donor Day is commemorated by Baloch Blood Bank on 14th June of year constantly and admiration certificates are distributed among the donors.

The provincial government is plead for allocation of a space to Baloch Blood Bank, and provide upgraded machinery which is required utmost the organization, and then organizational responsibilities will be disposed smoothly. The organization prescribes the NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) to mention blood group in CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) which will assist for tracing-out the blood group of a victim in any untoward or disaster to treat medically. The government departments also should consider the blood donation certificate at time of recruitment.

Let we make commitment about arouse of conscious regarding blood donation in our society. All members of society are appreciated for donation of blood through our organization Baloch Blood Bank.


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