You are somewhere around

“The world has listened to my songs, but no one has understood the pain of my heart”, Mohammad Rafi.

By Doctor Attaullah Bezanjo

Translated by Jameel Jansheer

Mohammad Rafi, the well-known king in the world of music, is a very celebrated superstar, with the plaintive mohdrafi-3voice in the land of sorrows, He sang for us a variety of romantic songs from “Tu ishq ha, Tu me Husan hon, Tu mujh me ha, Me Tum may” [Translation]. “You are love, I’m beauty, I’m in you and you are in me”, to, “Ganga Ki Mojh aur Jamna Ka Tara, Shab’ab jiska Nasha Me Kud Hi Choor Choor Ta”. [Translation] “The marry-making of Ganga, The twinkling star of (Jamna) hope and love, in utter addiction of wine the one whose pulchritude was broken into pieces”. These are among his fantastic songs that he sung plaintively for us and in his songs was he desperately calling for our company. And now we are listening to his voice.

Moreover, from the songs depicting the pain of love are such thrilling titles as following “Aja Tujh Ko Pukhray Mera Pyaar” Lakin Ab vo Kahan” Sontay Sontay Sohaani Raat dal chokie” [Translation] “Come, Oh my love hails for you” But now she is far away” The deeply silent night elapsed by waiting for you”, are the mostly liked and loved ones among his masterpieces. Besides that if we throw a look at the talented Mohammad Rafi’s life so it has many colours sprawled in the atmosphere of the world of music and in our lives at large. The clear and decent semblance of his beauty, personality, and impressions of enchanting conversations is a hard job for me to define his complex but self-contained persona. His character and personality with all the abilities is like an open book, reading it is easy, but writing on it, is very difficult indeed.

In Amrit-Sarkottla-Singh, where he lived was very much frank and naughty with his two close intimates “Lad’o and Sas’oo”, because of his gregariousness and naughty attitude he was well-known in his society. His father’s name was Ali Mohammad. He was unemployed, wandering on the streets of Lahore but could not get a good job. He then inaugurated a Barber shop there and by means of that he started earning a living for himself as well as because of his being occupied everybody at his shop he lost the company of many of his friends. And then his total family started living in Lahore. Mohammad Rafi has sung almost every variety and genres of music, from classical to Qwali [a type of folk and lengthy devoted song]. He didn’t need any specific occasion for singing. In fact, he considered every occasion as unscrupulous or disloyal, but his plaintive voice every time echoed in the hearts of his fans. He was by nature a very honest and good-hearted man. His personality symbolized sort of a semblance that of a beggar-like temper in his mood. Interesting is the fact that he has sang unlimited songs free of cost. He was as big a singer as he was a big personage too. He was very fond of Tea and sweets.

The master in the world of music also played “Carem Board and Batmenton” as a source of entertainment and enjoyment. He only played cricket to bat. He always loved and talked to the children with his melodious and sweet voice. Moreover, Shoolay film of Amitabh Bachan and Darmandara was his favorite one. He often sang songs when his friends told him to do so. He was very simple and was sort of shy-spirited. Mohammad Rafi, the master in the world of music whenever sang songs, he often cried too. Naughty Mohammad Rafi of childhood, and now the king in the world of music, had a good sense of humor and a simple outlook.

A short plaintive excerpt from his song is as follows:

“Meri Roh Ki Haqiqat Meray Ansoh’on sy Pocho

Mera Majlasii Tabasom Mera Tarjomaan nai..

“Ask my tears about the reality of my soul

My gregarious nature is not the mirror of my life”.

Mohammad Rafi by singing for the film “Jugnoo”, the song “Yahan Badla-hay Wafa Ka bewafaii k Sewa Aur Kya aa?”.

[What else is given in return for loyalty other than disloyalty here?]” And “Bejo Bawara and “Dunya k Rakwalay” titles of two super-hit films, just touched the height of success as well as after their release his career singled the success of the king in the world of music. The two songs of Noshaad which are in this film are the actual depiction of Ganga and Jam’na. And from here emerged Mina-kumari in the line of actresses. Noshaad’s compositions, poetries of Sahir Loudyanvi and the ear-grabbing voice of Mohammad Rafi become the identity of Indian world of music. And from here Noshaad became one of Mohammad Rafiq’s fans. Noshaad liked Mohammad Rafi very much. The bond of friendship between Noshaad and Mohammad Rafi lasted till the end of their lives. That is why by finding Noshaad he betook himself to his house in Mumbai. Noshaad liked Mohammad Rafi and made him sing several songs for him and told him that “One day you’ll be a big superstar in the world of music and your name will be amongst the successful ones”.

The enchanting poetries of Saahir Lodyanvi, Shakeel Badayanvi, Aanand Bakshi, Kayfi Azmi, Sultaan Jaypuri and the amazing voice of Mohammad Rafi put the Indian Film Industry in a new state. And then came another brilliant singer Opine’er, he was a unique singer too. Slowly the both triumphed ahead. They not only brought about the Indian atmosphere to take pride in their music but they earned a very huge prestige for themselves, for, now they are also listened to, eagerly. People say that Mohammad Rafi never sang song, he become the song and delivered into it. Indeed, he was a super-doper singer in the world of music, he was laudable.

“Zulfoo me Jesay Kaandho par Badal Jokay Ohay,

 Anko Me Jesay k, May K pyaalay baray Ohay

 Masti Ha piyaar Ki tu Vo Shaarab ho”

“On thy shoulders, when the hair falls,

It seems as the clouds decending,

In your eyes as if cups are full (of wine)

If it is due to love, let them be wine”

Mohammad Rafi when singing plaintive songs never felt the need of any sort of addiction. He never drank wine in his entire life. He was totally immersed into his songs when he was singing. After recording, he often listens to his own voice and after that then he told them for the release of his songs. Noshaad composed 149 divergent rhymes of songs, Opina’r 97, and Shankar Jaykash 34. He also worked with Madann Momen. He had formed good acquaintances and relation with Lata Mangishkar, Kishoor Kumaar, Mokesh, Manaday, Memom Kumaar, Mohindar Kapoor, Ayisha Bhosilay, and Talhat Mehmood. When he said two lines with Kondan Lal, so he said that as if he had gotten everything in his life.

“Tum Jo Mel Gahay, Tu Esaa Laga Hai,

 Saara Jaahan Mel Gaya Hai,

“When I have you as mine forever, so I’m feeling,

as if I have gotten each and everything in my life”.

Rajind-ur-Kumaar, Jonny Waker, Daleep Kumaar, and Manooj Kumar all have remarked that the hearts has always been entertained and will be by listening to the sweet voice of Mohammad Rafi, the legend indeed. Siraaj Khan says that the pile of his songs that he has left for us, it will always remind us of him, and that of his amazing voice.

“Chaahay Bana Do, Chaahay Metaa Do,

Marr Be Gaahay tu Dowaa Daingay,

“If you make me or finish me,

I’ll always be your wil-wisher”.

“The world has listened to my songs, but no one has understood the pain of my heart”, said Mohammad Rafi. The luck had proved little helpful in his career but all he is today is because of his tireless hard work in his field. Once he after recording the songs, Mohammad Rafi was standing outside the recording room, everyone went home. He was alone but Noshaad was there. Noshaad asked him why he was standing there and not going home. So, when he heard the answer for which he was looking, his eyes were full of tears. “I have no money in my pocket, to get a taxi back home”, said Mohammad Rafi. After recording the songs at the same time after coming out of the recording studio the money is not given. When this scrupulous person started touching the height of success, so he was the shining star in every ceremony and Mahfel.

His last four lines that he recorded are as follows:

“Teraay Anay Aas aa, Dost,

Shaam Per Q Udaas aa, Dost,

Mehaki mehaki Fiizah kehti hay,

Tu Kahi Aas Pass A Dost”.

“By your coming; I’m happy,

Why is the day full of sadness?

Engulfed by the aroma in the air,

You are somewhere around”.

In the month of Ramandan, on Friday 31 July, 1980, he passed away. At that time, the governor of India, Indra Gandhi, said that one hand of India broke away. Indeed, Mohammad Rafi is a superstar in the world of music and his contribution towards Indian Music Industry is laudable, he is the one whose voice has been among the favorites of all people, still it is. And he will always be remembered in the course of history of the world of music for his valuable contribution.


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