BSO-A condemns the brutal murder of JSMM leader Raja Dahir

The central spokesperson of BSO-Azad has declared in a statement that the arrest and disappearance of central joint bso_azadsecretary of Jeay Sindh Mutahhida Mahaz (JSMM) Raja Dahir by the hands of state forces and brutal torturing during custody and extrajudicial killing and dumping of body in wilds is the genocide of Sindhi people like the one Baloch nation facing. The state institutions are selectively targeting Baloch and Sindhi pro-independent people and political leaders.

The spokesman further said that the state could feel its loosening grip in Balochistan and Sindh along with the people’s rebellion towards the state. This has made the state fearful and they are removing those leaders from their way who think about independence or talk about the unfavorable of state. This is so that they can take benefit from resources of this area and continue with their subjugation and looting. The continuous abduction of people from Sindh and the years old ‘Kill and Dump’ policy used in Balochistan is being adopted and in Sindh too by the state to weaken and then gradually put an end to the Sindhi nationalist movement.

The spokesman further said that the inequality between the state elite classes and general public and the growing enthusiasm for independence amongst the youth in Sindh and other occupied nations is a sign of death for the occupiers and the state capitalists. Due to this these segments of society under control of state institutions leave no stone unturned in the killings and exploitation of the oppressed nationalities.

Baloch nation never accepted Pakistan’s occupation more than an occupier state on their motherland. Sindhi and other nations who have been victims of state exploitation should consider the regional changes and struggle for their autonomy otherwise state will use her religious extremist to penetrate intolerance and inequality within these societies. This will affect Mystic society of Sindh and progressive minded nations, which were already targeted by sponsored religious extremists.

It’s time for restoration of national states and the nation’s fate should be taken by their own hands. It’s time to take the independence of the oppressed nationalities and progressive -minded forces by struggling together. Because in all nations there are conscience vendor, opportunist leaders, Sardars, landlords and parties are collaborators of state forces united against the forces of national liberation struggle.

Spokesperson said, several villages in Balochistan surrounded from the last several days and operations continue in many cities of the province. BSO Azad strongly condemns the kidnapping of hundreds of Baloch people from various cities. The power is being used to make Baloch agree on the agreements contrary to the will of the people of Balochistan. Baloch people have been aware of the fact that the success of investment in Balochistan is the price mass death of Baloch nation which cannot be accepted at any cost by Baloch people.


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