Children in Pakistan

By Dil jan Qadir, Turbat

Truly the children are the most important part of a human society. Because by the power of them that a society survives 02b-child-labour-in-pakistanand a country can move toward advancement and prosperity. It is, however, the main and largest crisis today where the children are facing in shape of hard labor. It is believed that child labor, no right, and out of school are the ultimate cause that children are undergoing in Pakistan.

Child labor: No doubt that child labor is an eminent and serious global issue through that all and sundry countries of the world are directly or indirectly affected.  But it is very common in Pakistan that children are trapped in this problem which is intensifying with each passing day. In fact, in Pakistan 8.10 million children are in miserable condition and they are laborer. So this setback is considered one of the most challenging disorders that children have been deprived of their childhood. According to a great writer that child labor perpetuation, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, population grow and other social problems obstacle the development of a nation.

Denial of rights: Anyone can deny the fact that children have not equal rights, but regrettably here the majority of children are totally ignored and they are also denied their basic needs, such as shelter, food and clothing. And child labor turned into serious disaster in country and also getting more complicated with passage of time. Government of time is not paying attention toward appalling status of children in country which is causing dismal to sensible countrymen.

Out of school: Education is the basic need of every human being. It plays a very significant role for the advancement, prosperity and civilizing of any society. But unfortunately, in country of Pakistan which is a vast country and in this the dropout ratio in education sector is alarmingly high. Children are desirous for obtaining education for a developed life, but unfortunately, poverty and inflation don’t let to real this dream and they exert for gain of sustenance. Currently, more than 48% children are out of school in Pakistan and situations are slanted to deterioration, reports inform. In fact, the children are yearning for education. The state machinery should associate and encourage and put them on right path in life, additionally they also be provided books and accessories for schooling.

Ultimately, children compose an important segment within a society and contribute amply in advancement and prosperity of the country. Thus, concerned authorities for improvements in society assure the child right in country on fast track.


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