Deal on Iranian nuclear program observes an unviable accord

By Ahmed Khan

Presently imperialist is controlling bridles of world politics by use of theological notions. Iran is a theocratic and scoundrel EI-CM039_IRANTA_J_20150317154328state that is denying the rights of small but moderate nations, like Baloch, Kurd and other small ethnics.

The occupant state Iran extracts resources from land of occupied nations and utilizes for well-being of dominating racist Persians. In this way, small nationalities are exploited the worst in Iran.

Besides this, theocratic state Iran is backing religious fundamentalists in Iraq the Mehdi Malaysia, in Lebanon the Hezbollah and in Syria to Asad regime. By the slogan of Shiaism Iran stands and contemptuously denies the rights of existence to Jews and other religion’s followers.

The Iran developed atomic program on level to manufacture atomic weapons. In fact, this state is questing to gain nuclear weaponries. The Iranian authorities explicitly said their country has acquired atomic technology from Pakistan but they use it in energy sector, other means and will not develop atomic bomb. The ground realities imply that Iran is developing atomic weapons in prompt pace. The religious state is run by Shia orthodoxy that believes in supremacy on others which is a type of narcissism through political vision. The Iran presently is intended for dominance of Shiaism on world but this has put aside humanity and is in race of arm with the Saudia Whabi dominating state. Though the Saudia is a fascist state and involved in spread of its religious creed in world and it has alliance with imperialist Uncle-Sam.

Currently, Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in fighting a proxy war on the land of Yemen, where Houthi rebels have ousted Mansoor Haadi’s government was supported by Saudi Arabia on ground of sectarian resemblance of Sunni. Verily the Saudia is persuading its interests and intended the prolongation of Yemen’s resources extortion by the use of religious label.

The United States is playing double game; on one side ostensibly it supports Saudi Arabia about Yemen dealings, instantaneously on opposite the US is relaxing the Iran and the recent nuclear deal in Vienna is also an chief example of the dual facet diplomacy.

The Iran has perceived the situations of world politics that animosity with Saudi Arabai has intensified and by now both sides supported groups pragmatically are waging war against each other in Arab world. In the compliance of current settings, Iran has stepped down from its previous unbending stance and now agreed on some points to compromise with aim to converge all energies and attentions on Saudi belligerence.

During the last weeks in Vienna, the Iran with United States and other world’s six great powers reach on an accord to demote its nuclear program and diminish the fear of any nuclear and conventional confrontation in volatile Middle East.

The United State and Iran reached an accord after sporadic negotiation rounds. Before this the rival states had labeled each other “leading state sponsor of terrorism” and “the Great Satan”.

Through spirit of mentioned accord, the Iran will receive more than $100 billion in assets that have been frozen overseas and end to various financial restrictions on Iranian banks.

The sanctions will be lifted on Iran, which were imposed by the European States and United Nations on it. Iran is an oil rich country and member state of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The Saudia and other oil producing countries are also opposing the lift-up of sanctions; otherwise, the Iranian oil supply in international market will cause devaluation of their production. Iran will start supply of oil to neighboring states, especially Pakistan where already Iranian oil is being smuggled in great quantity. Iran is also willing to sell of its gas to Pakistan and further India and China. The gas pipeline project is hampered by United States, however Iran has laid pipeline till Pakistani western border in Balochistan where dissents exist and region is in turmoil.

This time, the American Foreign Secretary Mr John Kerry has activity lobbied in diplomatic process to reach the accord with his counterpart Iranian Foreign Minister Mr Jawad Zarif. Mr Kerry talking to media-persons said persistence paid off. “Believe me, had we been willing to settle for a lesser deal we would have finished this negotiation a long time ago,” he told the reporters, the breakthrough came after several key compromises.

Through accord Iran agreed on the continuation of the United Nation arms embargo on the country for up to five more years, even it could end before if the international Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) clears the country about the nuclear weapons. Beside this, on Iran restriction regarding ballistic technology was also put, which could last for up to eight more years, diplomat informed media.

The United States had found out to keep ban on Iran regarding the supply of weapons to Houthi Fighters in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, President Bashar Assad’s government in Syria and other forces in Meddle-East opposing the American allies, like Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Meantime, Iranian leaders backed by Russia and China urged on end of embargo on their country with mean to combat the belligerent force in region the Islamic State, significantly. The agreement will allow the United Nation’s inspectors to stress for visit to Iranian military sites as part of watching duties. The Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah uttered about opposing the prescribed settings through discussed accord.

According to accord, Tehran would have right to challenge the United Nations proposal; resultantly, an arbitration board composed of Iran and Six powers of the world then decide on the issue. The IAEA also want accomplishment of Iranian weapons investigation which is in pending for long time. The stated that Iranian cooperation would result complete lift up of the sanctions on its hobbled economy. On the other hand the chief of International Atomic Energy Agency Mr Yukiy Amans spoke that his agency has designed “roadmap” to resolve outstanding issue with Iran by mid of December.

The members of negotiation team faced hardships and then they reached this deal, which totally look frail and unviable. During the convention, the members several times conducted corner meetings, tempers flared, voice were raised and debates over several of the contentions matters. Eventually, the remaining gaps were bridged in meeting with Mr Kerry. European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and Russian Foreign minister Sergey Loverof later on joined the meeting and then the ministers told the aides that they have reached the accord which was some amazing.

The diplomacy of international and inter-continental brought after off tireless efforts of more than a decade. Even now, after proclamation about settlement of dispute the critiques have skeptical thoughts regarding this declaration. Breaks in talks were lasted for months, and Iran’s nascent nuclear program expanded into one that western intelligence agencies saw as only a couple of month away from weapons capacity. The US and Israel both threatened possible military responses. But now these states will get all energies of Iran against Saudi Arabia and other Sunni armed groups particularly IS. The Iran for gain of strengths diverted force of American’s antagonism toward Sunni and Wahabi groups. The removal of sanctions will cause easy breathing for Iran and gain of potencies onward too.

The United States joined negotiation process with Iran on its nuclear program in 2008. The both countries’ officials together secretly and later they sought diplomatic progress. But the process remained essentially stalemated ever it is now pleasant, because the necessities brought close to bitter hearts.

Before the formed signing on accord, the Iranian Ayatollah in his statement said the country will not suspend its relation with Hezbollah and Shia armed organizations and his country also will pursue nuclear development for peaceful purposes.

In reaction of deal Israel declared it a historic mistake. Saudi Arabia notified for destruction in Middle East because of accord and announced attain of nuclear technology to come-up equal to Iran. American politician and Republican Party leader Jeb Bush issued a denunciation, saying the deal only delays the danger and “over time it paves Iran’s path to a bomb”. The major stake holders in region have reprimanded agreement and Iran also cannot stand manufacturing the nuclear bomb to keep hegemony on nations; Baloch and Kurd and.

The American politicians after weeks of accord stated that their country will not discard the option of assault on Iranian nuclear sites. Iranian leaders also utterly denied the rollback of nuclear program and cut of their dealings with Shia fighter groups. These all entail the fragility of accord on Iranian nuclear program between Iran and six powers of world.

The condition’s analyzing indicates accord was made in haste or without managing the matters suitably; consequently this deal may not be viable.

The deal also can be used by US to get obedient the Saudi Arabia that is posturing some defiance to her.

The civilized communities must realize that through theocratic states world’s affairs cannot be managed. They ought to recognize the right of self-determination with right of separation, especially moderate nations, like Baloch and Kurds, that are persecuted by Iran and Saudia. The deal on Iranian nuclear program further may encourage violating human rights in world.


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