Chaos causes austere Pak-Afghan relationship

By Shehzad Baloch

The relation between Pakistan and Afghanistan never touched point of affection, these ever persist stressed and sometimes the most stressful. Occasionally, both sides forces, skirmish over border violations and infiltration. Particularly, the Northern Alliance groups resentfully deal with Pakistan and blame on it for intrusion and fanning to fire of warfare in their country. This impugn on Pakistan totally cannot be repudiated; the time and conditions also confirmed it true.

The state of Pakistan worked for superpowers and is doing. This state fought proxy wars for gain of wealth, used its forces, energies and territory for others, the rulers and policymakers also endorse these. Talban are sprouted and being fostered by Pakistan’s establishment and these religious elements are being controlled and used to get bow the neighbors in front of its interests.

In Afghanistan, after transaction of power, the present Ashraf Ghani government has strived to weave amicable relation with Pakistan. In 2014, a number of NATO forces evacuated from Afghanistan and they handed over security activities to Afghan Army to some extent but mainly they are supervising in country still. In these situations, Ashraf Ghani was intended to get Talban unarmed by influence of Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif government on initial phase was slanted to eliminate or get weaker the Talban or bring them on table talk. The initiatives were taken, but soon after, the Pakistani authorities changed policies that a stable Afghanistan will not be absorbed them. They witnessed enhancing approaches and trade by India in Afghanistan which never can be afforded them.

On the other hand, in Balochistan, the separatist movement also sustained for a long age and its growing capability is halting the establishment schemes implementation in region. Especially, strategic partnership with China is not possible in the presence of Baloch insurgency. The Pakistani authorities believe that Baloch insurgent groups have sanctuaries in Afghanistan and they also are acquiring weapons from there. The state officials blame that India through Afghan land is succoring Baloch insurgents.

The Pakistani authorities of military and civil governments of center and province of Balochistan by aides of media houses have launched a massive operation in Balochistan intentionally to exonerate the province from Baloch insurgency. In the nexus, massive operation carried-out in districts of Awaran, Mekuran, Kharan and other parts Balochistan, where Baloch insurgency exists sizably. In mentioned operation, heavy war machinery and air-force also is being used. The ground situations tell that state has blitzed in full swing and also inflicted in major loses the Baloch insurgents which can be guessed through media reports that their high rank commanders were killed.

Contradictory, the Baloch separatist organizations through their asserted statements appear in media claimed for losses to state forces. The claims by insurgents cannot be approved by independent sources but a large movement of state forces can be witnessed by common inhabitant of Balochistan and this indicates that a huge amount is being spent in the province for deployment and relocation of forces and their machinery. Apart from fatal loses, the observed movement of forces is making incurrences which is aching the establishment and rulers.

Meantime, the operation in Balochistan, a series of attacks took places in various parts of Afghanistan and its capital Kabul that got flared up Afghan masses and irritated rulers.

The recent horrible attacks carried out by Talban which left behind hundred Afghan dead. This tidal wave of violence in Afghanistan outraged the rulers and evokes the Afghan citizens for protest against Pakistan and boycott of its exported products.

The Afghan president Ashraf Ghani responding the wave of violence said that we were expecting for peace but now are receiving messages about war from Pakistan. The chief executive AbdUllah AbdUllah also pointed finger toward Pakistan for involvement in carnage of Afghans. Militant in recent attacks used explosive material was brought from cross border factories and schemes also were designed in Pakistan, said Afghan leaders.

On the same day, when President Asharaf Ghani spoke to media, in Quetta, Inspector General Frontier Corps Sher Afgan Niazi conducted a news conference and he strait forwardly said that India and Afghan Intelligence are involved in revolt in the province of Balochistan.

Here a link can be guessed between operation in Balochistan and violence in Afghanistan. Probably, the Pakistani authorities delivered a message to Afghan rulers that if their country extends its actions to turmoil in Balochistan, so they also will reciprocate through its fostered forces.


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