Life: An excruciated course

By Mutalib Mengal

The journey of life is much excruciated but everyone says it is not bad and days are passing. Anyhow, life is a very life-isgrueling course. A person spectate various productions in mundane life whether those are about religion, business, and love so on.

The nature preserving in it cherished memories; somewhere is rejoice for confer by fortune and somewhere is perplexed by coerce of unjust. Somewhere flute is toned so on a next place demise is mourned. Life is coated with charming colors. Demise converts life painful while jubilation and colorfulness of joviality fills it joyful.

The schedule of days and nights is an exam for a thoughtful person that has to seek source of sustenance and has to distribute time for family members and company to affable ones. Someone devotes itself for religion and another one yearns for love. This way human’s floating continues in follow of time.

The wars and conflictions, suicide bombing and gun-battle, politics’ complicities and flare up by interests have turned life troublesome. Human is divided in fractions; somewhere it is shedding blood stimulated by nationalism and somewhere it is hysteric by religion and beheading its contemporaries. All these turns life into a tough exam which needs much sweat, otherwise failure leaves behind indigence, starvation, underdeveloped and frets.

Some people dislike various political parties and get them proscribed but these are discussed so this way those get fame too. Austerity cuts troubles in routine and torments in journey of life’s decrease. Music entertains in leisure, silence provides peace of mind and reading of books bestows knowledge if human has appetite for these.


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