Millions CNICs are distributed among foreigners in Balochistan

By Ahmed Khan

A country’s nationhood can be known by its citizen love or sincerity with state. Here in Pakistan, in media statements or CL2lB_bUYAABuEirhetoric speeches of politician loyalty with state can be observed only, but on ground, the high level statesmen favor the foreigner on locals. The Governor Balochistan’s statement about Afgan Refugees and Pashtoon Khuwa Milli Awami Party’s politician allegation confirms this logic authentic.

The government officials in the pursuance of individual’s interests and ravenous of making pile of wealth has undermined the foundations of Pakistan. In state of Pakistan, getting nationality is merely task of handful Rupees, and then anyone can be citizen or local of this country by sway of wealth.

In Balochistan, the computerized National Identify Card issuance to Afghan refugees’ divulgence has validated all blames about dishonesties by government servants and state controller politicians, too. The high profiled personalities of Afghanistan have been issued Pakistani cards from Balochistan.

Reports in media appeared that 40 NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) officials were involved in providing country’s national identity card to the terrorist organization of Al-Qaeda and Talban members on high ranks. Report further entails that 22000 fake CNICs were issued in only year of 2014, whilst 64000 in just seven months of 2015. The province of Balochistan is considered the center for issuance of fake identity card by NADRA, and mostly the Afghan refugees are availing from this.

Media reports inform that thousands identity cards have been blocked after poke by investigation agencies into the matter. It is also known that NADRA officials have been issuing cards against the bribe of Rs 50,000 to 2,00,000 in Balochistan’s capital Quetta and other parts of the province.

Through acquired information it has known that 24 percent Baloch areas people do not have national identity cards in province of Balochistan. The local people for gain of CINICs have to go through very lengthy and troublesome process but refugees get effortlessly by greasing the palm of NADRA officials.

In the light of information it can be stated that here all is running illegal. Because the people have been elected all are not genuine representatives who came by vote cast through fake CINICs, the employees are hired on base of fake documents and by unreal representatives.

The census and voter’s lists are also incorrect because the provided database is not truthful. The business, jobs, agriculture and other departments are also being controlled by not righteous ones. Consequently, all is on wrong way in country due to helplessness of real citizens and rule of corruption is on peak which can be testified citizenship to foreigners. Here amelioration seems very fade because the state system is not in hands of candid that’s why the refugees are given Pakistani nationality; hence, anticipation about wellbeing from prevailing system is only a delusion.


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