Supreme Court instructs provinces for tender of NGOs details and funding

Bolan Voice Report

The Supreme Court instructed the provincial governments about the submitting of details of Non-Government Organization and its funding sources which are working respectively in provinces.

A two-member bench headed by Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja heard a case relating to the registration and funding of NGOs. During the hearing, an official of the Law and Justice Commission informed the court that the federation and provinces had not submitted details of NGOs and their funding sources. Justice Khawaja directed investigation officers to submit complete details of the NGOs as early as possible. Razzaq A. Mirza, the additional advocate general of Punjab informed the court about NGOs which were registered in the province.

The court was also informed that around 10,000 were NGOs registered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 1,800 in Balochistan. In Sindh, approximately 6,150 NGOs were registered and 2,500 unregistered.

The Law and Justice Commission official said the interior ministry did not provide much information and he himself had obtained details about 63 NGOs. Justice Khawaja remarked that foreign funding was like oxygen for terrorists and terrorism would be effectively eliminated if the government succeeded in stopping these funds.

He said that according to the National Action Plan, foreign funding should be stopped but the government was not working on this.

The commission’s official informed the court that a form for NGOs had been prepared on the court’s direction. The court directed the provinces to complete the forms so that basic information could be gathered from NGOs. The hearing has been adjourned till Aug 20.

In previous month the federal interior minister Chaudry Nisar restricted some NGOs working in Balochistan and Gilgitbaltistan. ‘Save the Children’ was banned in Balochistan for carrying-out anti-state activities. The mentioned organization was ordered packing-up all throughout the province. After this, the NGOs are being scrutinized, monitored and audited by government of Pakistan and recent court instructions are part of said series.


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