The Enigma of Our Society

By Sami Ullah

Set aside the grand grandeur between the idealist and materialists debate and their notions on how the society works and shapes itself, either idyllic or evolutionary, there is somehow an intriguing notion on the paradigm of living in a carcass of people grouped together and reshaping our lives, individual lives, into their own mold. And that carcass being the society we breathe in.

Sociology defines society as a body of individuals living as members of community. Modern philosophers, including the Post-modern deconstructionists, have pondered much on the social construction and how it ensnares individual into its web for no good reason. By using the word individual, it shall be understood as I contend the meaning to be the belief that the needs of each person are more important than the needs of society, groups’ or ‘the actions and attitudes of a person. As promised, I will not attempt to draw outlines encircling cerebral debates, but will share my individual point of view.

There exist two extremes: The society and the individual. Out of these two we live under rules of different chaos, which is so called rules of “system”. As, it is our made chain, where one does not move freely. Though one is born free and came into this world without holding chains, when, normal one goes to the track of maturity one is caught with the chain of so called made patterns of society. Under such manifestations, where one finds oneself in a state of insecurity and uncertainty after holding the “echoes” of every music. The very first word PAPA and MAMA comes up from our world when everyone associated (directly or indirectly) accept this as freedom for us, even though, these words are the origin of our “social construction” because, the word (PAPA/MAMA) spoken child only sees laughing faces of people which pushes that child in a state of uncertainty, after that first freedom (whom people think freedom) none of the next move is encouraged by the same laughing face.

Let’s begin from the start. The very first word they give us is “fear” (the cute Cat, a source of aesthetic endeavor at the stage when we only sit on the ground) is told dangerous for us, even cat shares fun to us at that stage, as, she hates unspecified nets and chains, the “Bicycle”(an opening object of our journey of kissing sun) is prohibited to played with, how would a so called system knows the feelings of unlimited moments, and then, we are told not to get in touch with friends, to whom we give half of our life or without whom half of our life is incomplete, because they want those friends with us what they think for us rather we make for ourselves.

How could the system know emotions exchanged or shared feelings among friends, how would they know the deprivation of lost love, how would they feel lost control and unbearable sweat pain of apparently present heart in chest. They (by they I am referring to the society) only dictate illegitimacy as a fixed pattern of their procedure. Rather appreciate, they depreciate every of our taken step, push fear into our hearts not to make decision and want us dependent, how would they know the ever best thing we hate in their system is becoming dependent, making ascertain of our limits or our wrong and right of our lives. The decisions they make are either bared with wept eyes or left tragedies which cannot be recovered of paying the cost of the entire sacrifices and happiness of life. Even, they think themselves and theirs this rotten pattern “just”! When we laugh they tell us no! When we weep it mocks us! When we jump in unlimited happiness for a moment it tells us we are not given free hands and when we compromise we are, then, found badly ignored.

Come on!

When we ask it what is right then? We are answered deception is the only way to get through. We are indeed kept in a system where our every decision is taken without the consent of ours. Being children, we are prohibited to touch when we open our mind for getting experience, we are stopped to make a company where joining of them makes us aware not to limit ourselves we are shown ignorant eyes after our lost in our world. After having known rights and wrongs every single door exits, we are shown negative image of creature and nature our voice are tried to suppress, every single person is found involved in making this process, some are using religion some are using nation whereas some using custom, some have house dictatorship who are the most culprit images of this “so called” system because these characters want themselves to be superior than every other creator of GOD.

Do not make us paralyze.

Do not inject us of a slow poisoning, do not ignore us of your emotional “honor” as your move have destroyed us and has snatched us every of our single smile. We are not your slave; let us live our way. We are fed up with your making excuses, get us our laughter back and we want our lost rights; we have capability of making or seeking our ways cheer. Let us give chance to live our own “lives”, we assure all our senses are active properly and that we are the real followers of our lives, let us live, decide, determine our limits, rectify our mistake if are committed, your one-sided way of telling disappoints us.

The author holds Master’s Degree in International Relations and is pursuing his Law Degree in University Law College. He can be reached at samiullah.adv42@ 


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