25th September; World Pharmacy Day observed at UoB

By Basheer Ijbani

25th September day was reserved to mark as World Pharmacy by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)ijbari several years ago in its congress at Istanbul, and since then the day have been marked ‘World Pharmacists Day’, annually. For the encouragement of the world’s pharmacists, the FIP organizes activities to promote and advocate the role of the professionals for the sake of improvements in health sector, worldwide. The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) highly encourages all discuss field organizations and officials across the globe to participate in ‘World Pharmacist Day’ programs on 25th September. The main theme of observing this day is to associate pharmacists globally and induce them to join the programs in the accordance of assigned day.

In the same sequence, this year on 25th September 2015, the Pharmacists have marked Pharmacists Day globally on Medical Colleges and Universities levels also on other forums with purpose to encourage activities that promote and advocate the role of pharmacists in society who are improving and developing health sector. The medicines must go hand to hand in expertise way and this coordination is essential for the

Pharmacy day organizers at University of Balochistan

Pharmacy day organizers at University of Balochistan

reliable use of these, resultantly that effect positively on health and shuns any side effect.

The ‘World Pharmacist Day’ commemoration means to highlight, build confidence and warm the collaborations among the pharmacists, patients and other concerned healthcare professionals.

It is the second time, at University of Balochistan the Pharmacy faculty has been conducting the ‘World Pharmacist Day’ with passion. The faculty’s professors and students took part affectionately in activities, where a rally was arranged and routed University to Quetta Press Club, in that Vice Chancellor of University with other professors were including. At university, the activists established various units, and the main organizers were Bachelor of Eastern Medicine Science [BEMS] Doctors of Physio Trophy DPD, Doctor of Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Model of Pharmacy Tree, and Pharmacology of Medicine.

At the occasion of Pharmacy Day program, the chairman of Pharmacy Department Mr Abdul Razaq Shahwani was interviewed and he said, they are determined to observe Pharmacy Day every year, because the pharmacists have a significant role in medical field and without them health sector is incomplete. Pharmacists distribute life saving drugs, research and regulate the medicines. Further he showed gratitude to the Vice Chancellor of University for attending the program and also thanked the professors who enthusiastically participated in the event. He especially exalted the organizers of ‘World Pharmacist Day’ program at University of Balochistan. Mr Shahwani highlighted the importance of Pharmacy department in present age, he also underlined the functions of Pharmacists with compliments who are serving to save the human lives.

Students’ views:

Dr Abdul Ghfar Baloch, Dr Abdul Bari, Dr Laraib Jameel, Dr Nagina Soomen are students of final year at Pharmacy department spoke to Bolan Voice Magazine and said that pharmacists are the vital part of health sector, and pharmacy is the most prominent fragment in discussed system. This is only department which researches for cure of diseases and discovers medicine, which are basic element of lifecycle. Students expressed excited views about Pharmacy Day which was conducted excellently with purpose to highlight significance of this profession.

In the connection of the International Day a program was adorned by students who raised funds for incurrences. Such events encourage to observe the mentioned day fervently to next and inspire new comer to give importance this in future.

The Baloch Blood Bank contributed greatly in Pharmacy Day program at University of Balochistan. The official of the Blood Bank established a stall where they provided medical services including identification blood group. They also made aware people present at the occasion about blood donation which save thousands lives.       

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