Personality of Month (Profile)

Personality of Month (Profile)

Martyred Jalil Ahmed Reki awakened sleeping Baloch Nation By Ahmed Khan The political thinker and president of Germany during Second World War Adolf Hitler said “One who wins without problem, its just victory. But one who wins with lots of trouble, he creates History”. Jalil Ahmed Reki was, yes now he is not among us, […]

Martyred Chairman Ghulam Mohammad Baloch

Personality of Month (Profile) By Ahmed Khan History is the subject which lets in to it to those people who make any outstanding feat or do unusual in life. Personally doing and passing life or usual thing are not included in history as special but part of it. History is like mirror for human being, […]

Che Guevara! Cheism always runs in victims nations!!!

Personality of Month (Profile) By Veengas. You are not able to bring change until you move around the world. Because things have its own explanations. As Buddha, moved and seen injustice part of society, that part forced him to ran away from luxuries and tried to do something for injustice society then he gave philosophy […]


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