Letters to Editor

We are back to ignorance

It is said that before the arrival of Messenger in Arab the masses used to bury their female babies alive but today it is worse than the past mentioned epoch. The reason is that small innocent girls are being raped and killed which is the symbol of demolition of humanity.

When I reached in Faisalabad after three days I heard that a small innocent girl was raped by older than forty year man and later on she was killed, is a tear-jerking incident. It is shameful that in a Muslim country such acts are happening. I request to the authorities that they should take strict action against this.

Raza Shah Murad


Education in Balochistan

Education is crucial for human development but unfortunately this huge source of improvement is ignored in Balochistan.

Human Right Commission of Pakistan task force reported that a greater portion of Baloch women is out of access to education in the province of Balochistan. Further in report elaborated that discussed women are deprived of education due to lack of facilities in department mainly and reasons also invigorate this mess. Hence, in this modern age Balochistan’s people are denied of basic human right in shape of education.

The government to take stern and prompt action to resolve the human right issue in province and provide opportunity to all get educated.

Rashid Mazar, BELC Turbat


Mismanagements in education department

It is said nicely that “if you want to destroy a nation, destroy its education first “. Likewise, there abode many nations whose education proceedings are refutable, like the educational system of Baloch.

Specially, it is due to the corrupt officers who are fraudulent and running the education affairs. I just want to request the concerned authorities that must take prompt action against corrupt officers and try to make educational structures from good to better, because “the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you”

Saghir Ahmed Baloch, Sariab


Passionate Mama Qadeer Baloch

Qadeer Baloch is going through worse phase of his life, for the aim of Baloch brothers who had got abducted ages ago. The infatuation of his for Baloch brothers has propelled to raise the effective voice to oppose wrongdoings and inequity with nation of Baloch. It is a harsh reality that the troubling long March from Quetta to Islamabad has exposed the reality to people of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the fact has been concealed to vast majority of Pakistanis that they are not aware of persecutions in Balochistan.

It is a fact that the media is not portraying true picture about Balochistan. The electronic media plays a vital role to prevent averse happenings. Unfortunately, the discussed sector has never exposed truth about Balochistan to the Pakistanis who reside in other parts of country. If this was done fairly, then catastrophe would not be intense in region as it is.

Probably, Qadeer Baloch who has sacrificed his son for sake of humanism, but no response in return to him about the missing person’s cases. The ending up government of National Party also could not sooth grieves of Mama Qadeer Baloch and other aggrieved families of Missing Baloch but their passion implies they will get attention of civilized world for resolve the malady of Balochistan.

Qadir Baloch, Quetta


Stampede in Haj

Every year during Haj (a religious ritual) mishaps have been occurring and hundreds of pilgrim lose lives in those. The Saudi government charges heavy amount from Haj applicants, but poor management spells-out in the shape of recurring untoward incidents.

Performance of Haj is part of Muslim faith. The state of Saudia is earning from pilgrims (Hajis) who travel to holy cities of Makkah and Madina and other revered sites there. The oil production is country’s prime source of income which is lessening gradually due to variations in world politics, and Saudia is slanting on revenue of Haj which has turned the second source of income for it.

Poor countries indigent people pay amount to Saudi government for better facilities during the Haj but this state management exploits gained capital by Hajis for their luxuries, consequently every year many pilgrims embrace martyrdom during the pilgrimage, and in 2015, thousands lost their lives in worst stampede including hundreds Pakistanis.

The Saudi government should issue visa to least number of applicants that manage their affairs smoothly and utilize acquired funds for improved settings in holy cities on revered sites only, but must not use them for other means. Then mishaps can be prevented in Haj performance.

Khadija Baloch, Bolan


Repeated firing of mortars by Iran

It is now common that Iranian forces fire mortar-shells in the Pakistani side Balochistan. Similarly, they did in recent days. In the month of September 2015, sporadically mortars were fired by Iran which mostly hit the areas of Panjgoor. Though the fired mortars did not cause any causality but it is bare attack on sovereignty of country.

The state authorities deal with Iran in similar way as they do on eastern border with India. If the Iranian hostility is not responded, then reoccurrence of such incident is certain. A strong response to Iran by state in sort of diplomacy and military only dissuades mortars firing in the province of Balochistan. The authorities ought to take notice of mortar firing Iranian forces in Balochistan and secure the lives and properties of bordering citizens along with Iran.

Dad Mohammd Baloch, Panjgoor


Importance of Free Press

What is the power of free press? Why real democracy is considered the best form of political system?  Such questions are mandatory to be known, then society can develop and civilize. Last year fatal attack on Hamid Mir a renowned journalist was a painful and flabbergasting incident carried out by unknown persons that sealed the way to free press in country of Pakistan.

This is a question that why civilian and military rulers in Pakistan don’t allow freedom of press? Possible they fear or lack moral courage to face the truth about their incompetence and disrespect the rule of law. They are only interested in high standard living by people’s wealth without toiling. Due to hierarchic system or families’ dynasty some people control on government department wholly, which has resulted in country rampant of corruption, nepotism and bad governance.

The press is considered the fourth pillar of the state and medium of expression for common citizen; hence this department is liable to expose the truth to public. Its prime responsibility is to highlight the realities and the wrongdoings of the few authoritarians.

The evolution taught human that without criticism or viewing critical point of things reforms cannot be brought but here press is restricted and journalists are not free to write or speak against the government’s institutes which are causing obstacles in maintaining of good governance and placing matters right position. We must learn from history that truth never can be concealed.

Sharif NuhaaQ Baloch, Turbat


Mother Tongue should be included in academic subjects

Mother tongues play an important role in identification of well-known nations. The current curricula urgent require some additions but the mother tongue in shape of Balochi Literature is essentially needs inclusion in this. Inappropriately, in Balochistan, from basic to high level classes has no book in Balochi Language. Thus, the Balochistan Text Book Board is fairly demanded for alteration in academic subjects.

Here the major responsibility goes to the people who are very keen to study, learn Balochi Literature and promoting Mother Tongues must agitate for inclusion in syllabus. Obviously credit goes to them who should not be mute on this juncture. They ought to come forth and open such institutes which cause thrive of Balochi Literature.

Mohammad Yayha, Panjgur


The importance of books

The books are the best associate for everyone and worldwide are the most robust things for those people who know significance of books, which usher new paths and show them the reality of life.

The books provide treasure of knowledge if one loves the study with heart and soul. Likewise, the knowledge by books never deceive anyone but in complicated circumstance guide like a sincere fellow.

Although, if a person agrees or not fact that companions one day abandon, but the books never quit you. That is the why books are best source to bring improvement in lives and these must not be devalued.

Shahmis Imam, Turbat 


Load shedding in Turbat

Turbat is situated on the bank of Kech River, is an immense city of Balochistan. What is more surprising, that it is still deprived of fundamental and legislative need of life.

Furthermore, today we consider electricity one of the basic need of human being which contributes significantly in establishing a cozy life and it is crucial to convey the message that load shedding isn’t only interrupting the process of factories, shopkeepers, businessmen but also is a sorrier hurdle for students to study at night and in summer’s hot days without fanning.

Moreover, it hurts to state that Turbat’s citizens are facing woes because of load shedding long hours of 8 to 10 daily wise.

There is no denying fact that we are getting electricity from Iran and still they are creating hurdles which has deteriorated the situations. Electricity is getting worse breakdown due to mismanagement by WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority).

The authorities are requested to take dire and prompt action to curb the load shedding problem in city of Turbat.

Saleh Mohammad, Turbat


Require adequate measures for eradication of Polio

Sir, according to World Health Organization (WHO) report during the year of 2014 approximately 200 polio cases were deducted country wide. The Balochistan province is affected most by disease polio in entire region and in this part of country volunteers were targeted to death by miscreants. Regrettably, the governing bodies are helpless to make country polio free.

Internationally, Pakistan is considered most dangerous state due to harboring the virus and patients of polio. Unfortunately, the present government has not taken notice as serious about the matter as  it should. Thus, the government has weak ground planning and procedure and the existence of virus validates this. Now government ought to take measures on war ground to protect the province’s children from polio virus.

Siraj Daptaraan, Turbat


Drugs, destroying youngsters

Sir: It is very irritating that use of drugs is increasing rapidly in country among the youth which is destroying youngsters. According to researchers, the number of youngster is getting addicted by use of drugs. This immoral activity badly damages theirs and their family reputation in society. The parents of drug users are very perplexed about their children’s future.

The psychologist explains many reasons behind the indulgence of youth in addiction. Major reasons are poverty, unemployment, uneven ranks in society and others.

The state authorities are seemed failed about seizure of drugs and in many cases government official involvement with narcotics dealers have been revealed. The impunity of drug trafficking has converted this malicious offend into a lucrative business. Here, the higher authorities’ attentions are invited this generation spoiling crime, they should take stern actions promptly about abolition of drugs business, otherwise delay will cost heavy loses for entire nation.

Waseem Raja, Delta Turbat


Morning Walk

Early Morning walk is the best exercises for healthy life. It gives us a sense of happiness calm our agitated nerves and cools the mind body and soul.

The fresh oxygen that we often miss in concrete jungles of our cities may be easily utilized in the early hours of morning. The freshness and mist that you feel in the early morning is hard to find. A 30 minute walk early in the morning is equivalent to 2 hour hard core exercise in the Gym.

The Best Time for a Morning walk is 5:00 am to 7:00 am. It is also termed as the medicine. Early walking well for your heart because it can help reduce high blood pressure and high Cholesterol, both of which contribute to heart disease and it is the most important benefit of early Morning walk.

Haji Haider Shohaz, Kharan


The Importance of libraries

Libraries mean the combination of various books where the people study by touching the world through informative books what they need. Surely, a library plays an important role in students’ lives even in teachers. A library is a best source to build up the reading habit and avoid people from bad activities. There is no denying the fact that today the educational environment is the result of libraries. Fortunately, library is the best choice for those children who can’t afford to buy books with high prices. In addition, the poor children have the interest to get more and more from books. Painfully, there is lack of libraries. As the fact the flowers of the country are discouraged.

The authorities should pay inducement attention towards this sector.

Sameena Shay Ibrahim, Turbat


Unclean Markets

The curable diseases like flue, cough and more commonly hepatitis. The turbat city covered with different sorts of unclean markets without the healthcare facilities. Unbearable condition of markets disturbs the usual lives of people. Due to lack of proper social welfare turned the cause of increasing diseases on the rise.

The authority concerned should take an effective step to eliminate social evils and provide them secure and healthy environment.

Mayjan Faiz, Turbat  


Poor patients in governmental hospitals

Due to the lack of medicines at government hospital in Turbat the poor patients are suffering badly as they are compelled either purchase medicines from private medical stores or discontinue their treatment. The Balochistan government spends huge amount for purchase of medicines every year, but medicines are actually not delivered to the patients in the hospitals, while bulk is sold by the corrupt officials to the private medical stores. However, drug inspectors state that theft of drugs in state-run hospitals is a roaring business and large quantities of such stolen drugs have been recovered during raids on private medical stores. The wishes of Dr Malik for the development of health sector in Balochistan remains a dream. It is my request to the health minister to take action against the involved people.

Sahira Wahid, Turbat


The powerful process of gratitude

For turning the life to best be required all things enlistment as gratefully and this process gets commenced of cogitation. Missing this, energies cannot be centralized on single line but attentions go multiple ways on time of action. The being grateful about liked things is crucial.

Additionally, a new thought in mind that gratitude brings whole in brain into handier harmony with the creative of the Universe, consider it well, and will appears which is absolutely true.

Joe Vitale says, “As soon as you start to feel different you already have, you start to attract more of the good things. More of the things you can be grateful for. You could look around and say, well! I don’t have nice grade I want, I don’t have the land I want, I don’t have the status I want, I don’t have the car I want! Those are all the things you don’t want. Focus on what you already have that you are grateful for. And it might be that you have the eyes to read this. It might be the clothes that you have. Yes, you might prefer something else and you might get something else pretty soon, if you start feeling grateful for what you have.”

“Many people who order their lives rightly in all other ways are kept in poverty by their lack of grateful.”

“The daily practice of gratitude is one of the conduits by which your wealth will come you”

 (Citations from the book ‘The secret’)

 Shezadi Waris, Turbat


Lack of transport at girls school Absor

Government Girls High School Absor is considered the largest schools in Turbat with strength about 11, 00 to 1250, but lacks all basic necessities. The transport is conspicuous one and is crux issue at school which is disheartening the female students to continue their studies. Dr Abdul Malik the Chief Minister Balochistan recently provided buses to the other institutions, unfortunately he ignored the Girls High School Absor. So, the Chief Minister is requested to facilitate the school with perfect transport.

Sahira Wahid, Absor Turbat


To end pollution radiate by fish factory

The Ormada fish company is a threat to health of city’s residents. Because of this the entire city is wrapped by dirt which is disturbing the people to accomplish the duties properly, even the players can’t play joyfully because of stench ejected by discussed company. The innocent children are ailing in serious diseases due to pollution gave-out by mentioned factory. Hence, it is conveyed to higher authorities to take immediate notice of this critical problem and provide soothe to Ormada’s citizens.

Tilyan Rasheed, Turbat 


Career counseling

Career counseling plays an essential role for students to decide about their future. This is the only choice which can decrease the confusions of students for selecting the right way for moving towards their destination.

Additionally, we fail to do so in our area “Turbat” which is known as one of the biggest city in the province of Balochistan. In starting of every school year a number of students are seen in dark nights as if they are the students of foundation classes, nevertheless they belong to higher classes like F.A and FSc. Most of the students with plenty of queries in their minds regarding the selection of subjects are rushing towards their nearest members who themselves are unaware about career counseling.

At least from now on the authority concern should start working on a project about the career counseling so that students from this year must not be facing the same problem repeatedly.

Ismail Mushtaq, Turbat


Dangerous carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas without a proper color, tasteless and initially non irritating. It is the product produced from organic matter. In Pakistan a large amount of carbon monoxide is produced by faulty burners used in kitchens such as heating boilers and gas fires. In result, the ratio of the deaths in Pakistan is 200 in a year. The simple symptoms of this toxic gas include memory loss, confusion, headaches, vertigo, and flu like effects; larger exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system and heart, and even death. Carbon monoxide cans also effects on the fetus of a pregnant woman.

Certainly; it can be lessen by using the devices which produce less amount of Carbon-Monoxide.

Atiya Moosa, Turbat


Health care in town of Jiweny

The raise of death and lack of adequate treatment demonstrate deprivation picture. The doctors who were engaged RHC in Jiweny had failed to serve their purpose making presence ensure in the hospital. Females are in miserable condition in case of lack of female medical practitioner and mortality rate is higher than other parts of the province.  People who are poor condition see no way to save their bloodline.

 The authority concerned need to take a strong measure to make sure the health condition and force to those doctors to perform their duties to save the lives of people.

Rehana M.Hassain, Kech


Taking breakfast

Taking breakfast is one of the most essential parts of routine in our lives. Moreover, to one’s face of this we can give an eye to our health. However, because of taking breakfast can make stronger physically and mentally, then the aptitude of strong organs can give over the harmful germs. On the other side, in Pakistan several people are not having what has many benefits due to different causes, are suffering from various diseases .Importantly, by taking it usually provide us sagacity mind to confront the competitive world. So, it is suggested all to make it as usual.

Liaqat Hasil, Kech

  1. i m a regular reader of monthly bolan voice and i am very happy that this monthly magazine is mentioning the real situations and ground realities of Baluchistan issue.currently i don’t see any newspaper or news Chanel which is exactly highlighting the crux of Baluchistan issues,,so i appreciate the bolan voice team for there services for the people of all countries and to know the real facts of Baluchistan.

    • Zafar Baloch

      besides abusing Punjabi we baluchs should be fair with ourselves. how our tribal leaders deprived us from getting education and made us slaves in hands of Pakistani establishment. I hate baluch feudal system. we should not blame Pakistan for our own misdeeds, and produced tolerance in our selves and refrain from killing Punjabi and other brothers by BLP or others

    • bolan voice is the best magazine which all students come to know about balochistan in this magazine students can write letters .This is the best magazine of improving students writing power.In bola voice students can catch a glimpes over the issues of balochistan .I appreciate bola voice team .Give me light, make me bright

  2. intelligent and young people reading and contributing here; I commend the observation by Zafar Baloch, and want to ask my Baloch brothers and friends a question in following terms.

    I am, like many other third generation settlers in Balochistan, we have nothing any where in Pakistan, but every thing in Balochistan, our love of land cannot be measures by our ethnicity. Do Baloch separatists target us? Do you see that we have contributed and sacrificed for Balochistan? Do you understand that we have no home but Balochistan, and that we are equally willing to contribute in prosperity of Balohcistan like you? How can we educate people in Balochistan, that the Balochistan effects all of us, not only those who are Baloch.
    I can be reached at Zulfiqarasyed@gmail.com

    • Thanks Bolan Voice

      It’s my first time I begin to reading of Bolan Voice Magazine.
      It’s very Noble Magazine for the assisting of Students, we
      students are getting a lot of things from it. I’m Thankful of all
      members of Bolan Voice Magazine, therefor they’re writing
      good Articles, from these we students are getting a lot of things
      we’re getting Information About Baluchistan. i muse Its very
      helpful for the students studying.

  3. Aslam Walaikum waja,

    First i would love to thank you from the core of my heart that you people are providing us and making us rich of Baluchistan’s information. and i would like to post the information of my city kharan.
    thanks. chairman KSD Foundation Abid Shaizad

  4. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    This is the reference of “Political workers are not terrorist” which was written by Bilal Yasin Bolani, Turbat. The writer nicely find out the difference between political workers and terrorists but i want to suggest the writer that those whom are fighting for they are not called political workers. There is a big differnce between a political person and a brave freedom fighter. Because a political is not a true person he always tells lies in order to get his 3 time food but a freedom fighter fights for his motherland and whatever he does for his nation. Even though he scrafies his life for the saftey of his motherland.

  5. Sajjad Hameed Baloch, Turbat

    The forgotten Baloch.

    Whatever major activities done by people or a nation, it becomes a history in upcoming time. Likewise I am proud to be a Baloch because Baloch nation is having a good image in past and as well as in present. We can easily find plethora of events of Baloch in past. Firstly, if we take a galance in romatic history of Baloch we can find stories like, Hani Shay Mureed, Sammu Mast and Sassi Punno. On the other hand if we take a galance regarding the bravery of Baloch in past we can find Hammal Jeehand, Baba Noroz Khan and many more. History is witness that Balochs have gotton their heads cut for their motherland. They were always ready for scrafies. Present time Balochs are also fighting a Gorella Wa against Pakistan for the freedom of their motherland. Many people have gotton martyardom, plenty are lost and many went towards mountain and still blood-shed is going on till the freedom of Balochistan according to Baloch political and harm organizations. But it is painful that some educated youths still do not know who is Noroz Kahn, Hammal Jeehand and where is Meeri fort and who made it. Beside that they know who was Tipo Sultan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah. As well as they know where is Taj Mehal, Burj Kalif and who made it. In placd of others hero, history and historical place Baloch had to know about their own.

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  8. Burning Baluchistan but silence???WHY
    Baluchistan is a city in Pakistan that is enriched with natural resources and blessed with other various minerals.The recent/current situations in Baluchistan have disturbed the life styles of residents here.Baluchistan neither has good educational academies,technological centers nor literary institutions .
    Students in Baluchistan suffer from various problems that are called”obstacles”in their education.
    I as a student has observed that students during summer feel uneasy/uncomfortable while studying.due to lack of classes,they can’t pay attention to the lectures of teachers and due to the lack of facilities students need to face such problems in Schools.Due to Lack of management our students don’t take interest in studies.
    At other hand,the lack of colleges in Baluchistan!Mostly colleges in Baluchistan are of K.P.K,SINDH & PUNJAB.Hardly ever students can choose a good college for their education.
    Thirdly,Cheating system!First of all this should be cleared that it is not must that what others do we should follow them but instead i say cheating should be banned by teachers and Baluchistan Board strictly.Cheating has been such a weapon for students that without it they can’t fight.Cheating has weaken the students and BB(Baluchistan Board)has made it a right for us.
    Fourthly,political issues and Government!
    The current situations in Baluchistan are near to fire us.the throwing of bullet-riddled bodies,abduction,and increasing of missing persons have irritated us and destroyed our lives.
    Day by day,we get the news for the abduction of our baloch brothers and after one week or one month we get the news of their bullet- riddled,mutilated bodies of them.Is it called government?
    Pakistan is completely corrupt,no justice and no rules.Neither law nor humanity is remaining there,but why Balochs are silent????
    One thing i have observed in Panjgur that whoever talks about press-conference and rallies against F.C and cruelty so people with-draw form their mutual right that they should pay.They fair that what happened if one body was thrown?It as not someone in us,so what?
    If today it was someone’s cousin,someone’s brother so tomorrow it can easily be one from your family members,so will you sit silently and watch.No if silence was the key fro freedom so Alexander the great wouldn’t have struggled,Silence doesn’t take out ways,struggle decreases the hurdles.
    i am a student from panjgur and trying to raise my voice against wrong through internet and blogging,i hope those who have read this piece of writing will support me,I don’t appeal to Pakistan and it’s government because it has shown it’s character but i appeal to my baloch nation,to my baloch brothers and students,to the youth that please if you love your nation and your brothers so please come out from the life of cruelty.
    Break your silence
    struggle to finish Violence….

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  20. I’m a regular reader of the magazine.To me it’s the only magazine in entire Balochistan which highlights the each and every issues of Balochistan.
    More importantly, it publishes the letters and articles of the younger writers which can lead the youth towards success.

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  22. To me the magazine is playing a vitol role in highlighting the issues of the province and it is worth reading….

  23. A poem for eid day:::
    Eid:the day of joy
    The day of excellent wows
    But how should i celebrate eid
    Where my all bros are in sorrows

    The brothers of mine are abducted
    The kings of my land are martyred
    How should i celebrate eid
    where every house is destroyed

    The tears of blood from my mothers eyes
    The pain in the heart of my sisters that lies
    How should i celebrate eid
    when it is too difficult to take sighs

    Everywhere all are crying
    All are grieved and dying
    How should i celebrate eid
    When no one is here smiling

    The flag of freedom or the gun of death
    But they are struggling with a depth
    How should i celebrate eid
    when the lamp of my house is in painful length

    The all memories of my bros
    who are not now in this cause
    How should i celebrate eid?
    When he is not with me in close

    The house of every baloch is jeopardized
    The soul of all mothers are now died
    Then how should i celebrate eid?
    With out those who once lived!!

    Awaran is eradicated
    Panjgur is pressurized
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When Baluchistan is targeted??

    Pray to Allah i do,with silence
    Grant the all baolchs patience
    But how should i celebrate eid??
    When all are here patients

    How should i celebrate eid??
    How should i cheer??
    When my land is in rain
    How should i celebrate eid??
    When the soil of Balochistan is in pain!!!!!!!

    **Black day=EID DAY**

    Written By:Yasmeen Baloch

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  26. Ayy Mr Masood I have a suggetion for you that you must cogitate and never plea to any on this Nation’s resources are your property never plea to Pakistani regime you have to just ordar i hop you will never leave any sort of please for any department i hope you will undserstand being a heir of this Nation.

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        For a long passage of time I have been a regular reader of Monthly Bolan Voice till yet I am, it become my hope to write via Bolanvoice I am daily writing and sending it Bolanvoice, Bolanvoice@yahoo.com
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