We never leave our Balochistan Land: Maharaj Lakhmir Gir Chand

I want to appeal the international community, United Nations, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations to come forth to help us. Interviewed by: Hasrat Iqbal (Specially interviewed for Bolan Voice Magazine) Pakistan is on 3rd number in human rights violating countries list as it is termed as one of the failed states through out […]

An exclusive interview with Dr. Ababagar Baloch

Interviewed by Muhammad Akbar Notezai Certainly, education of Balochistan is neither being paid heed by provincial government nor federal. The educational institutions of Balochistan, unfortunately, wear a deserted look. That is why we went to Dr. Ababagar Baloch, who is running BSAC (Baloch Students Action Committee) in order to highlight the issues related to the […]

Freedom of press or expression is worsened in Balochistan: Zar khan Baloch

Interviewed by: Yousaf Ajab Baloch Zar khan Baloch is Director News in Vash-TV, the first Balochi language TV channel. He hosts the current affairs program “Central Point”. Zar Khan Baloch was especially interviewed for the readers of Bolan Voice. (Blv stands for Bolan Voice and ZK for Zar Khan Baloch) Blv: How do you see […]

The articulation of Baloch Movement with Sardars is counter policy of media: Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Bolan Voice Report In an interview to International Media, Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch stated that Baloch Nation is united, but Pakistani media is conspiringly giving the perception of Sardars leading role in Baloch Movement for creating rifts among us. Today, common Baloch is raising voice for independence, protection of culture and identification, hence […]

Taliban are Pakistani forces without uniform: Hairbeyar Marri

Interview: KarlosZurutuza, London In the wake of the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden’s killing by American elite troops, DW takes a closer look at Pakistan’s “other” war in a rare interview with a prominent Baloch leader. Hyrbyar Marri is the fifth son of Khair Baksh Marri, a veteran national leader and the head of […]

The martyrs blood fragrance refreshes my heat and mind: Qadeer Baloch

The Vice Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), Qadeer Baloch, has been protesting for the recovery of Baloch Missing Persons from past over two years. The VBMP has been protesting in different cities and towns of Baloch and abroad i.e. Islamabad and Karachi for the safe recovery of abducted Baloch. Hundreds of abducted […]

Referendum isn’t Party Manifesto; main objective is freedom: Brahamdagh Bugti

We have no concern with parliamentary politicians, I damn on Pakistani parliamentary system. In Charter of Liberation few contents are required to be discussed: Baloch Nationalist Leader. Bolan Voice Report Baloch Republican Party leader Brahamdagh Bugti said, “He is consulting with comrades for formation of Single Baloch Party, and masses will hear very soon gleeful […]

Through UN referendum Balochs decision to be known: Brahamdagh Bugti

Bolan Voice Report Barahamdagh Bugti said in his statement, “if he comes Balochistan would be slain, similarly Balach Marri and Akbar Khan Bugti, hence he continues self banishment. From capital of Switzerland Zunikh, Brahamdagh Bugti said he is constant endeavoring for his nation rights and objectives in better way, where he lives.” Brahamdagh Bugti during […]

Baloch Movement inflicts state in deficits: Dr. Manan Baloch, Secretary General Baloch National Movement

Interview by Ahmed Khan Baloch National Movement Secretary General Dr. Manan Baloch says ongoing movement in Balochistan has inflicted state in great loses in all fields. He denies any foreign aid to Baloch. He says they are educating Baloch masses in socialistic field. He claims surface politics for pro-independence in Balochistan hasn’t got failed. He […]

We only support morally and politically to Baloch Insurgency: Basheer Zaib Chairman BSO-Azad

Interviewed by Mir Mubarik Ali, Q: Is it true, that BSO-Azad is armed resistance group rather than a student organization? And this also can be guessed from newspapers statements, too. To which extent do you agree with this statement? A: No, this is totally misperception. Yes it is true, that Baloch Student Organization-Azad withstanding a […]

An interview with Balochistan National Party leader Agha Hassan Baloch

Interviewed by Mohammad Akbar Notezai Photography by Bashir Ahmed Ijabari Q: What is the issue of the Balochistan? What do Baloch people want? A: Well, issue of the Balochistan is clear; people are struggling for the self-determination because there are many countries have got their self-determination through United Nations. Self-determination wants those countries which have […]

Balochistan Freedom Charter to be launched soon, Pakistan doesn’t represent the Baloch: Hyrbyair Marri

London based Baloch leader Hyrbyair Marri is actively campaigning at the European level for the launch of a key ‘Freedom Charter’ of Balochistan, killing the rumours that he will negotiate with Pakistan at any level for a political settlement of the Balochistan issue. In the last three months, the exiled Baloch leader from the powerful […]

Negotiations with Pakistan are impossible, except freedom: Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.

Question: In which direction international situation are going? Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch: After disintegration ofSoviet Union world has been declared Uni-Polar and now capitalist block is dominating globally. In Uni-Polar world many problems aroused but oppressed nations’ freedom is key issue. We assume that this is century of nationalism and freedom of occupied nations. The […]

We only negotiate on freedom Agenda: Hairbeyar Marri.

Bolan Voice Report Baloch Nationalist Leader Hairbeyar Marri during his interview to a private TV channel said that Balochs’ freedom demand is valid, contrary to this occupation of state on our land is invalid. State doesn’t sympathy for Baloch but she needs only Baloch rich resourced-land, even state authorities disgust Baloch instead of affection. After […]

Dr. Nazar Baloch’s Perspective on Balochistan Situation.

You’ve probably never heard of Balochistan. A resource rich province of Pakistan wedged between Afghanistan and Iran, it is an area of great geo-political importance that includes the port of Gwadar, which many eye as a profitable road to China and Central Asia. Balochistan is also the site of what historian Selig Harrison has called […]

Sacrifices of lives provide dignified live to upcoming generations: Karima Baloch, Vice Chairmen BSO.

  By Ahmed Khan. Baloch Student Organization Vice Chairmen Banok Karima Baloch is optimist about Baloch Movement achievements. She says Baloch nation is getting nearer to unanimous ideology and dispersed Baloch population acquiring and taking interest about Baloch independent state. She considers all varieties of fighting of Baloch fighters are true and in favor of […]

We are arming our nation’s daughters with ideology and a thinking pattern: Banok Karima Baloch.

By P. Chacko Joseph | November 23rd, Balochistan is waging a lonely battle against state to get independence. We had the opportunity of an email interview with Banok Karima Baloch, Central Vice chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Azad). Banok Karima Baloch has been in the forefront of the freedom struggle and has been featured by […]

Dr. Allah Nazar refuses the NP and government allegations and delivers message to Baloch Nation.

In an interview, Baloch guerilla leader Dr. Allah Nazar refuses allegations of killing moderate Baloch politicians as propaganda. Bolan Voice Report Bizarrely, Dr. Allah Nazar prefers books to guns. “I’d like to have both though. But if I have to choose one I’ll prefer the book. It’s the book which guides my gun,” the 37-year-old […]

State terrorism gets birth when oppressed demand for rights: Naushin Qumbrani.

By Yousaf Ajab Baloch (Naushin Qumbrani is renowned social activist in Balochistan, she has good experience of working with international and National Organizations as high capacity, few days ago she was interviewed by a Balochi TV channel in regard of ongoing human rights violation in Balochistan. Her interview is translated for Bolan Voice readers) Q: […]

Pak-Iran are trying to eliminate the Baloch Nation: Hyrbyair Marri

(Special interview with Rozhn TV) Baloch Leader Hyrbyiar Marri has said intelligence agency personnel are involved in target killings in Balochistan. He said, that agency personals are not only targeting innocent people but they are also damaging our respected norms & traditions and committing inhuman and heinous crimes such as throwing acid on Baloch girls […]


We have formed Voice for Baloch Persons for release and collecting data of Missing Person, Abdul Qadeer Reki

Interview Shaheen Baranzai Jalil Reki Information Secretary of Balochistan Republican Party has abducted from Killi Ghulam Jan Kechibaig Sariab, Quetta, he is still missing. In previous days a discussion was arranged with Abdul Qadeer Reki he is General Secretary of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and father of Jalil Reki, which is presented for Bolan […]

By Socialism an equal society can be created: Khair Bukhsh Marri.

In movement, theories, thought and guerrilla method is vital. Each Baloch should take part in war and analysis side of socialism, by this theory we will be able to create equal society. Interview by Veengas. (Balochistan earth has different history; Balochistan has been facing war for long time. Each generation of Balochs are met bullets […]


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