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Under sky one thing has been made and making change that is only knowledge, if world entered and survives yet for Civilized Society, by knowing significance of Knowledge. Human ever pursued knowledge for betterment and transferred experiences to next generation. History says that Human much struggled for knowledge and as well they succeeded to provide it to humanity. They divided knowledge in different subjects or channels to gain more information for human prosperity.

Bolan Voice believes that journalism is also a channel of gaining and further distributing of knowledge among the depressed nations withstanding Baloch.

Journalism is a tool where we can make and bring change in society, by journalism; we can give voice to voice less society and make one slogan for victimized people. Bolan Voice has faith in that, “without knowledge no one can serve to their people, nation or motherland”, even it is impossible to recognize its identity.

Bolan Voice with this intention launched that it will make aware area people especially Baloch from modern age developments, varying and educating people to live a beautiful, equal and peaceful life. It is determent that institute will deliver voice, thoughts and ideas to world community in polite way.

Bolan Voice has entered small step in world of information, believing in equalitarian and civilized society. Bolan Voice is firm that it will raise voice for down trodden peoples and it will strive for eliminating differences among the people base of religion, politics, race, communal, gender and tribal.

Bolan Voice goal is developed, broad visional prospers society, where each to be conscious and educated.

  1. dear baras as salam o alekum
    maine ek artical leka hai isko muje english me karna nai aata hai
    abi ap log mere lye kar sakty ho to mai dunga..

  2. dear aditer as salam o alekum …..

    maine ek artical urdu me leka hai muje english me karna nai aata hai

    ab ap log eng me karoge to mai dunga….tnx

  3. I will be happy to do any translations, you can scan and send letters to my email,

  4. salam i just wanted to know how can i upload my article on ur page??? plx repli asap

  5. plx repli me in mail
    il b w8ing
    ALLAH hafiz

  6. SALAM. as being the reguler reader, this magazine has encouraged me to write. so would plz help me publishing my articals in it. and how can i send them????

  7. Tahir Malangzai Baloch

    Salaam to all of you !

    I have written a one peace of article, an I’ll give it to you folks you have to express it in this monthly magazine, but i don’t know how i should send it to you people….. please assist me
    it’s my goal to write in Bolan Voice magazine for me it’s very difficult to send it..//////..!

    Please help me I’ll be thankful to you peoples..

  8. we are proud on bolan voice team,the only English monthly Magzine,whom regularly pub;ishing the baloch nation and balochistan case,we wish for his success always,,

  9. it is something v.nice that balochs are trying to bring up the problems and it is really something to be proud…


    I appreciate your mission statement. Bolan Voice is a great addition to the newspaper industry. It is indeed a noble work to spread awareness about issues. To discuss and write on difficult and tricky subjects and make opinion and give food for thought to the readers. I pray for your success.

    Javaid Bashir

  11. i have written an article, i want to publish it through bolan voice, bolan voice please can you send me your email address on my mail address.

    Abdul Ghaffar Rind Sibi

  12. i am feeling proud on Bolan Voice team,because they are spreading awareness about issues of Baluchistan.this is only one English magazine of Baluchistan which is highlighting the issues of Baluchistan.and it should be appreciate.

  13. Asalamu alikum, I hope that my this tweet finds the reader/s in the best of health and spirits: as so for my constitution is concerned, It’s the divine blessings of providence that I am in goOd health toO..

    Anyway, “Bolan Voice magazing” in terms of spreading knowledge, has a predominate rule in bringing the beems of the growing and raising sUn of awarenesS in our millieu so far the backward nation is concerned.

    Broadly saying, Circulation of magazines like monthly “Bolan Voice magazine” and the like in Baluchistan are the means of a move to bring forth the sense of eliticism, intellectuallity and awareness as well as knowledge…

    The most important features of Bolan Voice Magazine are its amazing articles that are bring the crux of happenings.

    I cordially request to the editor to make a new column in the magazine that be under the name of youngworld, and the new contributers’ should be put in that section of the magazine.


  14. I want to attain your attention!
    BOLAN VOICE please don’t work on the agenda of the separatists. I huave gone through some of your articles and i found them totally biased. you have not represented the pakistani solidarity and the brotherhood of muslims.
    i mean you are just nothing more than the grasshoppers.

  15. Asalamu alikum wramatulae waßarkatuhu…

    Dear Bolan Voice Magazine and its staff,

    The editorials posted by a good many contributers hailing from various areas of ßalochistan, that I often go through or have my noise in for the interest of literary taste are excessively of great admiration.

    I have the very sense of appreciation of the young emerging contributers whom perpetually come to the fore when we have mere have a look at the table of contents despite perusing the features that “The ßolan Voice Magazine Covers” is without doubt an striking and divine outcome of their painstaking efforts as well as their purported devotion to writing.

    With particular reference to three significantly important points concerning Literature, Sir Francis ßacon says that Writing: makes a man exact, Reading a perfect man and Conference a ready man.
    So far the concept of conference is concerned so it is nowt more than a far-fetched idea in the close-minded framework of our social standings.

    In my this humble post I would merely say regarding two things with specific revelance to literature.

    Both of them are some sort of a remedial process of learning & a move toward cultivating productive mental faculties of think tanks in our society via both the relentless Reading & Writing, both the activities are an imperative for the whole human education
    systems, and must be done on daily basis…

    OoO, I forgot to tell you i.e “The staff of ßolan voice Magazine” that I am very big on doing some creative, imformative and fruitful literary work as a scribler on the basis of voluntary contribution to Ur magazine, above all, I would never forget that ßolan voice magazine has been my first “not probably the last” platform and initiative to write and get pubblished.

    As with a delightful manner, by all manner of means, for the sake of creating a portfolio, Deo volent, my contribution full of social enlightment and remedies would be my hearty service to the ßolan voice Magazine and the respected readers.

    Broadly saying, there is a personal pressing problem in shape of the unavailiblity of internet provision: Given the fact, you’ll recieve “My writings” a bit late…

    On the other, I’ve recently written two pieces on different enviornmental issuses and sent them to your email.if I’m not wrong, to this via my y.Id bolanvoice@yahoo.com
    I’ve been looking forward to recieving a notification, whether the genre of articles, I sent, were of publication in you magazine, but it resulted in disappointment, i.e I didnt get notified so far during the twelve days of the week.

    It would be really nice of
    The ßolan voice magaze’s staff members to send me an email when they are sent new articles by me, can reach me at the mentioned address jansheer.jameel@yahoo.com

    “Optimistm bears possitive results, I am very much thankful to Naveed Naik Sayyed who posted his tweet on his facebook timeline, Really this locution worked wornders for me…

    And it the end of the day
    “The main point, I dont know what I am saying’ but the reader is sure of judging me in my insomnalent and plaintive voice”…

    YourS truely

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