1st May: Labor Day not for true laborers

Very first in 1856, in Australia proletarian celebrated May Day with demand of eight hours of work for workers. The congressional workers on this day decided to repeat this tradition on same day every year. In fact, this labor congress gave courage to revolutionary workers for pursuance of labor rights. Onward this day was work stoppage day by labors.

Thus, the idea of a proletarian celebration was quickly accepted and, from Australia, began to spread to other countries until finally it had conquered the whole proletarian world.

Following this, American workers and in entire Europe this movement spread, where demand was distribution of time for labor; work, entertainment and rest, for each eight hours.

Labor unions throughout world succeeded to greater extent in gaining rights for workers. They also brought amendments in state laws favoring the workers as facilitations, grant of allowances, job security and so on. Through these trade unions European countries have developed enough and societies raised to civilization, though for improvement gape exists.

In Pakistan, May Day merely is a showoff and labor unions are occupied by counter revolutionary persons. Here like politicians the labor cadre also gets incumbents by approval of establishment and totally lacks aptitude of policy making for labor.

In Pakistan, labor representatives only gain personal benefits and never educate labor about their rights and revolution, and further socialism. They are involved in corruption with bureaucracy and get their share in hash-money and surplus value of departments earned by labor.

Interestingly, the classic labor in Pakistan completely unaware about May Day. On this day, they go on their work, where they are toiling and nearby the procession of so-called labor union march but never bothered to took with them, either they voiced up for spurting people in hot days and long hours of working on very low wage.

The government announces wage level for labor but private sector and daily wages workers are not given as government fixed wage. Private sector labors are bondage and they are modern age salve, but never trade unions stood for betterment and release of these chained people.

These enslaved people are denied all basic needs of life, like medical, education, food, shelter and so on. The May Day observers never demanded the mentioned basic needs of life for real laborers.

During the trade union precession and demonstration, it was observed that they celebrate as a religious ritual this day. Then it is supposed that other religion peoples may not are labor or they form separate union for them. Means, workers are divided by belief but are not united by profession and class.

The discussed realities testify that May Day in Pakistan is not for labors. It is an off day for government servants whether they are on low grade or officer. The trade unions mostly formed by government servants and left workers, but they never bothered to go classic labor who are laboring under scorching sun and in uneven circumstances but on very low wage, even on Labor Day of 1st May.


28th May: Atomic tests in Balochistan

In modern history, the United Soviet States of Russia – USSR was much powerful militarily with atomic power. After Cold-War with capitalist bloc, the USSR disintegrated, even great military power and atomic arsenals could not guarantee its integration. The USSR was not lower than capitalists as militarily but its system on that was standing got void, hence it got collapsed itself.

History tells many lessons that states and empires got collapsed when they relied on power or military, whether they fought with someone or not. Their failure’s main reason was dishonest with people and corruption of system operators or rulers.

Here in Pakistan, nuclear tests in Balochistan’s area ‘Ras Koh’ were conducted on 28th May, 1998. The nuclear test’s conduction motive was to deter the inborn enemy the India. But enmity is continuing and both states are engage in multiple contentions. The nuclear tests could not resolve issues with India including the bone of contention the Kashmir.

After nuclear tests sanctions were imposed on Pakistan by international world. Consequently, it faced loss of billion Dollars in trade, import, export and other fields. The United States with other countries offered a heavy amount against not conducting nukes, but Pakistani leaders followed insane policies instead of benefiting the opportunities and pulling out the country loans cobweb.

A section in Pakistan celebrates 28th May as raptured and they have named this day ‘Yum-e-Takbir’, the Great Day. But they totally turned their faced toward the fallouts of these nuclear tests.

According to reports of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), they were able to estimate the yield of the Pakistani tests, it ranged from nine to 12 kilotons for the first series of explosions, and from four to six kilotons for the single explosion.

As result of nukes in Chaghi, the hills of the area effected the worst, human and animals because of different and strange diseases died in outnumber but were not reported in local media. A large number of livestock died due to change in climate, disappearance of rains and long lasting drought in area. farming and agriculture were badly effected and noticeable negative aspects in ecology occurred following the nuclear tests.

Cancer like diseases in people of test site were detected largely which did not exist widely in area before the discussed explosions. Certainly, the nuclear radiation is causing for such diseases.

The authorities should come toward the reality that nuclear arsenals and other expensive military equipment may not be helpful for safeguard of country. But serving the people and providing them justice will force to them more powerful than atomic bombs. Many countries in world leading prosperous life for its citizens without army power and nuclear capability, for instance Switzerland, Holland, New Zealand and others. These said states are stronger than Pakistan like atomic power.

On this juncture, the Balochistan’s people, especially Chaghi dwellers need attentions and rehabilitation efforts that area is to be clear from radiation and its ecology is to be restored on the level of normal as before the tests it was. The people in Chaghi is to be given special healthcare with other incentives because they have faced much sufferings by nuclear tests in their area.  The citizens are more powerful than nuclear and other arsenals for a state.

If atomic and military power could be helpful, so the USSR never would disintegrate. So that, the policies are required resetting and reshaping that these benefit the people in sectors of education, health, economy, employment and so on.


Journalist’s murder; a condemnable act

It is said that political revolution failure brings huge disaster in any place. Similarly, after Soviet invasion in Afghanistan peace vanished-away and country turned in ruins.

Millions people lost their lives and outnumber became handicap who are leading dependent-society life. Millions have compelled to abandon behind their homeland and migrate to strange lands where spending lives as low-grade status of refugee.

The Red Revolution ‘Sor Inqelaab’ repulsion affected the worst Afghans lives and country still is vulnerable, where international powers including neighboring countries have plunged their fingers in the pursuance of interests.

All spheres of life in Afghanistan have got embittered for citizens and recently most sensible field of journalism also hit in stone-heartedly.

Explosion and attacks are common in Afghanistan, even its fortified capital Kabul is not spared, but last week an explosion was carried out by an attacker on a motorbike. A second followed about 15 minutes later after a crowd, including several news reporter and photographer, had gathered at the scene. It was one of several fatal incidents occurred in Kabul.

The second blast deliberately targeted journalists where they came for covering the incident for their respective news organizations. It was said that the suicide attacker disguised as a journalist and detonated among the crowd. Resultantly, nine journalist and photographer including others killed. In attack many other were wounded. This was the deadliest day for Afghan media in the past 15 years.

No doubt, Afghan journalists are performing their profession courageously in uneven situations. The world knows about Afghanis through these journalists’ exertion. This community ever toiled by its mental power to bring peace and stability in country and deliver knowledge to Afghan citizens.

Attack on Afghan journalists have added worries of worldwide this profession practicing people. It is a ground reality that it will impact on region’s journalists, particularly the neighboring countries fellow workers cannot be saved repercussion of such untoward incidents. The heat of such heart wrenching incident may not engulf the others in it. The journalists of world condemn attack on Afghan fellow professional which is a heinous and condemnable act.

  1. Baloch want freedom , nothing els .

  2. Yasir Hussain Ansari.
    MD Printas Printing Press.
    Deputy Editor Monthly rawabit international.
    +92-333-9 222 99 4

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  6. I saw a dream that our nation was independent and every person was as free as like birds to excite talking each other with the community of people.Similarly. one day unfortunately the enemies of our nation attached on people who were known innocent Baloch,all of them were killed by them and some of them were known the people in our nation but another side i was blissful to hearing about our friends and brothers who did victory during the fighting and the war which was started 60 years ago is free now suddenly i got up and opened my eyes and saw i was in prison which was a dark room and said myself i was the one who could not do something.

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