Pakistan’s reliance foreign policy causes taunt by US

United States President Donald Trump, while unveiling his national security strategy, reminded Pakistan that it is obliged to help America because it receives “massive payments” from Washington every year. Mr. Trump further said, “we have made clear to Pakistan while we desire continued partnership and we must see decisive action against terrorist groups operating their territory. And we make massive payments every year to Pakistan. They have to help,” urging Pakistan to “continue demonstrating that it is a responsible steward of its nuclear assists”.

Pakistan’s foreign policy flaws let United States rulers to taunt Pakistan because the country ever played on tone of Superpowers, particularly the US. Today reliant policy of Pakistan enabled the US rulers like Trump that they taunt a sovereign state against payments or assistance in shape of military equipment.

In past, the US had collaborated in establishing, training and mustering from worldwide the Jihadi elements in Pakistan during Cold-War era. Now the time brought new colors and priorities, and presently these mentioned elements are worthless for the Superpower the United States in Afghanistan. Even the US considers these fundamental elements threat to its policies implementation in region, so that, it wants total isolation of these and on its behalf cannot do, so it needs alliance and military assistance of Pakistan Army. Whilst Pakistan’s strategic situation does not allow it further to work on Superpower’s defined agenda. Consequently, state level differences have appeared.

Pakistan’s foreign policy have not changed but only altered its facet, and now it is going to be dependent on China instead of US. While the US was on distance and can be parted ways with it on any time. But China is situated in neighboring of Pakistan. It does not stop here, but China is going to be handed over land, coastal area, Gwadar Port and many more in shape of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC and other military and civil agreements.

Now the American rulers are taunting against payments but Chines citizen and military officials are being settled in Balochistan and other parts of country. It is understood that on state level policies are formed in perspective of national interests and each epoch has its priorities and wants, in upcoming times Pakistan’s national interests may not match with Chinese, so this reliant policy of state may turn devastative for Pakistani nation.

Foreign policy parameters regarding US mean doing against payments should not be repeated about China; otherwise, the outcomes will be drastic than policy of Jihad which was exploited for gain of Dollars.


Kharan Hepatitis-B patients expect for urgent relief

Recently it has been known that a far-flung village Errikalag of Kharan district hit worst by the Hepatitis-B. Where a number of people are killed by this disease and many are suffering from said HBs virus. The information about calamity came to know by mentioned area people intentionally to gain some sort of relieve by state authorities and international world.

The area’s socio-economic is not good, therefore, the locals of Errikalag-Kharan cannot access to improved health institutes. They also told due to indigence are unable to avail modern inventions in health field, because in this capitalist age all things including human life saving medicines and treatment are linked with wealth.

In other factors, like backwardness also adds situations to more complicated. The illertacy hampers people of Kharan to acquire knowledge about contagious diseases predominantly the Hepatitis-B. In mentioned area communication and infrastructure have not been developed, consequently, serious patient cannot be shifted to urban areas and similarly medical teams or paramedics are unable to access the affected area.

On national and provincial levels, the rulers are vociferating about developments in Balochistan, especially China-Pak Economic Corridor – CPEC to overshadow the real issues of province. The CPEC $65 billion project has been introduced in country including the Balochistan. Meanwhile the pampers civilians of Kharan are denied the basic need of life the health. They are dying by curable diseases, like the Hepatitis-B. If vaccination and preventative measures were taken, resultantly the valuable human lives could be saved.

Regrettably, all state institutes, like media, health department, non-government organizations, judiciary which takes Sue Motto notice about unnoticed issues, are silence about appalling health situations in Errikalag-Kharan and it is presently hit by Hepatitis.

Media institutes, health official and other concerned authorities urgently should take notice about Errikalag-Kharan Hepatitis-B patients. They should form a joint team that highlight the matter on national and international levels, so this will help international health organizations and workers to pay attention toward the calamitous area of Kharan. Where helpless patients of Hepatitis are looking rashly for relief works.


China’s 91 percent share in Gwadar Port revenue!

Politics is process or a journey to human civilization; human equality, human rights, justice to all and improvement in all aspects of life collectively. In developed world, the system or bunch of codes called politics also delivered fantastically. In Europe, human rights are protected, justice is available to all, there’s masses are fully involved in state policies and in state’s possession they are stakeholder. No doubt, the system of politics or practice of mentioned system lead humans to light from dark. But here in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan, the politics with its all facets pulling human to dark more and more.

In past, the government of National Party which claims for being a nationalist party, the Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch said in media repeatedly that we will not let loot a single stone of Baloch. Same time the National Party announced for supporting China-Pakistan Economic Corridor – CPEC. The party Sectary General Hasil Bezinjo in media statement said that Baloch should prepare themselves to participate in it fully.

On 24th November, 2017, during a session of upper house the Senate was told that 91 percent of the revenue to be generated from the Gwadar Port as the part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would go to China, while the Gwadar Port Authority would get merely 9 percent share in the income for the next 40 years.

It is bizarre, how the nationalists are supporting this project which as worst undermining against the nations’ interests and blemishing the future of upcoming generations. No example exists that the genuine owner is to be deprived of their wealth and resources but project executor or foreigner labor take all for themselves. Our Pakistani labor in Europe or in Arab state is working, so they are given very less disbursement than their citizens. Even Chinese in those work in large number but they never have such benefits as they are taking in Balochistan. The nationalists and other politician in which way justify this and further how they tranquil the masses about the plunder of resources. Which type of politics allows them to work against the interests of indigenous people?

Presently, in world, on state level the interest rate for loan is 8 to 10 percent but China is the only state that attains 18 to 20 percent on given loans, mean the Chinese of rate of interest is the highest. China-Pakistan signed, even they are implementing the project CPEC on ground. Through this project China has given loan of $65 billion to Pakistan in the timeframe of five years. After the fill-up of time the China will demand for return of loan with high rate of interest from Pakistan. The analysts do not seem optimistic that Pakistan will earn enough through CPEC and will be able to return the loan with high rate of interest. Whilst strong dissents have been presented by various sections in society of Pakistan due to solid and conspicuous evidences of exploitation by the same project.

The Saindak project is solid logic for Balochistan’s people that their wealth has been excavated in shape of gold and precious minerals but they are totally deprived of their inborn rights. The state and its politicians incredibly allowed the China to take all resources for it and is giving very tiny share to Balochistan about what the former Chief Minister Dr Malik as opposite to its style of politics spoke out that Balochistan government is not receiving from province’s mineral more than a whole dealer of Kandhari Bazar Quetta.

Here question rises in minds, the politicians on national and provincial level how make agreements which are directly against the citizens’ interest. Particularly the National Party that claim for being the protector of Balochistan people rights but supports such projects which are directly exploiting mercilessly the Balochistanis. They support CPEC and Gwadar Port, and then themselves voice up against 91 percent share for China. In fact, they are not against such projects, sometimes they raise voice to get importance or lift-up their value before the main dealers.

It is painful how politicians are selling out resources instead of utilizing them in favor of indigenous people. It seems here politics is being used as ladder to reach personal interest and not for common prosperity and civilization. Nationalist parties including religious are muzzle about looting even being known about Gwadar Port and CPEC project. The people are rightful to say that politics is taking human to civilization and collective prosperity but in Pakistan, especially in Balochistan it is pushing human into dark and adversities.

Emergence of more religious parties in national politics

In Pakistan’s national politics several religious parties are registered, and from the beginning of this country’s history, the right wing has a great hand in policies of state. Prior to the partition, the Mufti Mahmood’s religious party was versus to partition of the subcontinent but was a stanch supporter of united Hindustan. The imperialist of age did against the religious elements choice but amassed them in its side. As result, the religious elements had commenced the participating in national politics of newly carved out state, the Pakistan and they were given a substantial share too. Though the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah stated that religion has no concern in state business and all dogmas followers have right to practice their belief independently.

At the first time, the world was leveraged by blocs of socialist and capitalist which were headed by the Soviet Union and America. Hence, the state of Pakistan was declared independent but its policies were yet controlled by British through ruling elites or politicians. The politicians were given value with posts conditionally they had to follow on instructions of the imperialist like a henchman. In this way, anew shaped state was put on the part of capitalists who ever used the tool of religion for their interests. In this way, the right wing politic was grown in Pakistan. Initially, the Jamiat Islami and Mufti Mehmood’s Jamiat were introduced and said parties had fully supported the British and America in war against Soviet Union by slogan of jihad.

Presently, in Pakistan and the world, demission of politics has changed. The socialist bloc disintegrated and within state of Pakistan the nationalist parties have raised up with various demands that cannot be accepted by establishment. The state authorities used various methods to quell the discontented people but couldn’t get remarkable achievement and now they have reached on conclusion to annihilated them by use of religious sentiments because the said groups have succeeded to get some help by international powers as overtly or covertly.

The experiment of religion’s use in national politics has emitted advantageous and disadvantageous aspects. By religious parties or groups, the volunteer warriors, like mujadin were got and were used in free or against very low costs in Afghanistan and Kashmir, even they were sent to other countries infuriated by religion and state authorities got much benefits by these proxies. This type of politics or parties also brought repercussions in shape of sectarian violence and sometimes being used in hands of rival countries. The right wing politics has let a consequence in Pakistan; intolerance, fundamentalism and sectarianism which halted progressiveness in country, even it brought devastation by killing opposite sect followers. The international powers also plunged their fingers through religious groups to harm the belligerent state or its interests. In this way, the blood has been shaded of Pakistani citizens. The operators or fund provider states never seen such sectarian conflicts in their countries.

Now the launch of Hafiz Saeed’s party – Pakistan Milli Muslim League is an organ of same series of right wing politics. The analysts forecast that it will be used to counter the nationalist groups in Balochistan and Sindh mainly, but it may be exploited in other parts of country for the same purposes. This party has not been registered by Election Commission of Pakistan but its candidate participated as an independent competitor in by-elections seat vacated by disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

The world’s developed countries have discarded the religion and this type of politics in state affairs but their all religions are being practiced in private life. If this formula also is to be applied in Pakistan, then result will be same that each sect or creed followers will follow their respective belief and will not interfere in others’ religious affairs which will result a peaceful and developing atmosphere evolve. A developed and prosperous society also will not let to penetrate the sentiments of separation, rebellion or disorder in people but by use of power against such elements may help them to bounce up and win sympathies of antagonist groups with countries. The history of this country proved that narrow thoughts are never helpful but only moderation leads to progressiveness. Hence, further the religious or sect base politics must not be encouraged for common interest of this country’s citizens.

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  6. I saw a dream that our nation was independent and every person was as free as like birds to excite talking each other with the community of people.Similarly. one day unfortunately the enemies of our nation attached on people who were known innocent Baloch,all of them were killed by them and some of them were known the people in our nation but another side i was blissful to hearing about our friends and brothers who did victory during the fighting and the war which was started 60 years ago is free now suddenly i got up and opened my eyes and saw i was in prison which was a dark room and said myself i was the one who could not do something.

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