Emergence of more religious parties in national politics

In Pakistan’s national politics several religious parties are registered, and from the beginning of this country’s history, the right wing has a great hand in policies of state. Prior to the partition, the Mufti Mahmood’s religious party was versus to partition of the subcontinent but was a stanch supporter of united Hindustan. The imperialist of age did against the religious elements choice but amassed them in its side. As result, the religious elements had commenced the participating in national politics of newly carved out state, the Pakistan and they were given a substantial share too. Though the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah stated that religion has no concern in state business and all dogmas followers have right to practice their belief independently.

At the first time, the world was leveraged by blocs of socialist and capitalist which were headed by the Soviet Union and America. Hence, the state of Pakistan was declared independent but its policies were yet controlled by British through ruling elites or politicians. The politicians were given value with posts conditionally they had to follow on instructions of the imperialist like a henchman. In this way, anew shaped state was put on the part of capitalists who ever used the tool of religion for their interests. In this way, the right wing politic was grown in Pakistan. Initially, the Jamiat Islami and Mufti Mehmood’s Jamiat were introduced and said parties had fully supported the British and America in war against Soviet Union by slogan of jihad.

Presently, in Pakistan and the world, demission of politics has changed. The socialist bloc disintegrated and within state of Pakistan the nationalist parties have raised up with various demands that cannot be accepted by establishment. The state authorities used various methods to quell the discontented people but couldn’t get remarkable achievement and now they have reached on conclusion to annihilated them by use of religious sentiments because the said groups have succeeded to get some help by international powers as overtly or covertly.

The experiment of religion’s use in national politics has emitted advantageous and disadvantageous aspects. By religious parties or groups, the volunteer warriors, like mujadin were got and were used in free or against very low costs in Afghanistan and Kashmir, even they were sent to other countries infuriated by religion and state authorities got much benefits by these proxies. This type of politics or parties also brought repercussions in shape of sectarian violence and sometimes being used in hands of rival countries. The right wing politics has let a consequence in Pakistan; intolerance, fundamentalism and sectarianism which halted progressiveness in country, even it brought devastation by killing opposite sect followers. The international powers also plunged their fingers through religious groups to harm the belligerent state or its interests. In this way, the blood has been shaded of Pakistani citizens. The operators or fund provider states never seen such sectarian conflicts in their countries.

Now the launch of Hafiz Saeed’s party – Pakistan Milli Muslim League is an organ of same series of right wing politics. The analysts forecast that it will be used to counter the nationalist groups in Balochistan and Sindh mainly, but it may be exploited in other parts of country for the same purposes. This party has not been registered by Election Commission of Pakistan but its candidate participated as an independent competitor in by-elections seat vacated by disqualification of Nawaz Sharif.

The world’s developed countries have discarded the religion and this type of politics in state affairs but their all religions are being practiced in private life. If this formula also is to be applied in Pakistan, then result will be same that each sect or creed followers will follow their respective belief and will not interfere in others’ religious affairs which will result a peaceful and developing atmosphere evolve. A developed and prosperous society also will not let to penetrate the sentiments of separation, rebellion or disorder in people but by use of power against such elements may help them to bounce up and win sympathies of antagonist groups with countries. The history of this country proved that narrow thoughts are never helpful but only moderation leads to progressiveness. Hence, further the religious or sect base politics must not be encouraged for common interest of this country’s citizens.


End up of National Party turn in government!

(September 2015)

It is out of reason a party is given government which stands on pillars of stipulations and compromises be the democratic or deliverer of justice to masses. National Party was given government in province of Balochistan as political bribe by establishment to get abnegate people from demand of rights and control on their resources.

The National Party government is going to wind-up in month of December 2015 in spirit of Murree accord, and onward some unalike temperamental mean the tribal elements are going to be used by the same operator. The so-called nationalists have been tested and in future they will not demand for valid dues including rights of people because they preferred wealth and governmental positions on democracy and fair system, otherwise they have admitted that wholesaler earns more than province’s government against the main production of province the minerals attained from the largest project the Saindak. It is also enunciated that how a haggled government can stance for rights? Situations imply the next government also will be following footprints of its predecessor because no alteration in settings is seemed.

The missing person issue could not resolve in government of National Party that claims for representing low and middle classes. The relatives of aggrieved families show the number of enforced disappearing persons in thousands. The Chief Minister Dr Malik on several occasions admitted his government failure regarding this but never endorsed for being powerless or unauthorized.

The throwing of mutilated bodies is a spiteful series, was commenced in dictator Musharraf era, and during the National Party government has not been abated, even in statements of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons appear in media is claimed for many fold rise. They claim, in previous governments time had been threw few bodies at a time but in NP government at single time were being threw many bodies of Baloch missing persons. On the other hand, the abduction of political workers also did not cease but its pace was speeded up, blamed by the VBMP contradicted to government sayings.

The province of Balochistan ever remained in grip of financial scarcities, so during and at end of National Party government this conundrum has intensified more in many folds instead of shrinking.

A spiteful incident of mass-graves at Tutak – Khuzdar was revealed in era of same NP government, the official also are protruded on discovery or uncover of this crime. Astonishingly, no one was held responsible for this heinous crime. And after prolong probe by judiciary into the matter, a single has not been penalized for killing in stonehearted way to people extra-judicially. The ruling party officials assume acquitted by depicting this logic, it is Federal Interior Department’s matter and is out of their domain. Perhaps only exposure of happened incident in province was in the domain.

Only in media claims are being made by government officials about peace and development. No correction can be seen on ground but rampant of celebrations were adorned at Ayub Stadium Quetta for amusement of a small group. Realities on ground tells that National Party could not conduct its party grand council session on public place but in panic got gathered dozens of people at most luxurious venue of indigence province the Serena Hotel Quetta.

About justice dispensation the National Party policies are also quite strange that this has declared compulsory National Testing Service – NTS for low grade jobs and commoners but at Balochistan Assembly posts of 17 & 18 grade were conferred on the base of nepotism and other approaches. Similarly, at University of Balochistan an MPA’s daughter was appointed and promoted within a day bypassing all tests like NTC and regulations.

Perhaps the National Party was assigned task to end-up the insurgency in province but it has failed in accomplishment of mission, so at the end of its tenure the rounds of capitulation were conducted but these were arranged by forces officers or federal government officials or tribal elements who are not part of NP government and this party. Critics, reviewers and realists do not authenticate these surrender rounds which frequently were appearing in media.

The government was given to National Party as political bribe duly and politicians were let to enjoy and make money deliberately with aim to get silent against atrocities in Balochistan and in future they definitely will be blackmailed in province’s political calculus. Otherwise, National Party does not have competence, sincerity and public mandate. The ground realities are implying the successor government will be on similar pattern.


Embroiled statements by CM about Balochistan’s status-quo

(July 2015)

The Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch in a meeting with Poverty Alleviation Fund’s Chief Executive said, the province of Balochistan is gripped in poverty very tightly and this region’s people are needful to be helped by national and international donor organizations. He prescribed that Balochistan’s masses are the most backward and should be given a helping hand on Union Council level.

On one hand the Chief Minister is inviting donor groups for working in province, simultaneously federal government has restricted the organization ‘Save the Children’ for operating in Balochistan for unknown reasons. It is also reverberated that funds were allocated for Balochistan have been re-allocated to Punjab and Sindh provinces and organization ‘Save Children’ is instructed to utilize mentioned amount in favored provinces. The provincial authorities of Balochistan including the Chief Minister are looking voiceless about this partiality with overlooked province.

In 2013, a powerful earthquake hit Balochistan’s area Awaran which caused massive devastation of property and human lives too. At first, Dr Malik Baloch stood and called international world for SOS in devastated area but establishment figures were reluctant to let international observers to study the situations of Balochistan, hence for concealment of political circumstances Mr Baloch barred foreigner organizations entering in to the earthquake hit area for rehabilitation and relief works. Later on, the CM said provincial and federal government are capable to manage damages in Awaran and they are also financially sound to do this, but now once again he as against the previous statement is appealing the donor organizations and declaring masses of Balochistan extremely poverty-stricken.

In Balochistan, the situations are vulnerable and news about operation from different areas appears in media. An apex committee is also constituted which is offering to Baloch insurgents the money and other incentives against the capitulation. This type of proposals by state authorities authenticate the muddle in the province. In mid of vulnerability in Balochistan, the provincial government in tight security conducts T20 cricket tournament at Quetta Ayub Stadium and lavishly spends from exchequer of poor province, meantime the CM plead for donation to international organizations for pull-out of masses from indigence. Here a great contrast can be observed in statements and action of the Chief Minister of Balochistan.

The Balochistan’s masses are poor but here’s rulers are much rich. On several occasions, the delegations have been sent to France, Britain and European countries that meant only tourism and enjoyment but it was postured as RecoDick project case dealing and negotiation with exiled Baloch nationalist leaders. No outcome is seen delegations’ visits to developed world and that’s incurrences were paid-off by poor masses of province for mentioned tourism.

As chief Minister said this province’s masses are suffering the worst from poverty and they need donation. In annual budget of Balochistan also an enormous size is allocated for purchase of helicopters, and other war machinery. If destitution exist in province in largely, so the reserved amount instead of purchasing war-equipment would be exploited for welfare of masses they are throbbed by poverty which is informed by the CM Balochistan. The statements of Dr Malik Baloch are on the record which appeared in media that after employment of 18th constitutional amendment and handing over of departments to provinces, is abundance of funds and onward they will be self-reliant in field of finance. The province revenue is enhanced many folds. If it is so, then appealing to donor organizations for elimination of poverty in province is for what purpose?

The statements and enactment of provincial government are to be compared, so sharp differences can be met. On ground realities also never validate the statements and claims by present ruling National Party Government, but it is titivating statements by help of media and is misrepresenting the province’s conditions.


Exposure of child abuse story manifests the worst degradation of society

In province of Punjab, the shocking news of child abuse got dizzy every sensible mind. In Third-World countries the capitalism has totally overwhelmed the entire life cycle. Pakistan like country, society is longing for wealth and members of it relinquished humanism, religious injunctions, tribal codes and likewise.

In Punjab’s city Kasure a gang is exposed by media that molested hundreds male and female children. This gang filmed immoral scenes and through those blackmailed the parents of innocent children and extorted heavy amount, and this was alleged for hugger-mugger of administration with notorious gang.

The study of despicable incident tells that gain of capital got blind to human and propulsion of incident was avidity of wealth savagery wary. The child abuse story has degraded the worst Pakistani society in world and indicates this on the line of devastation and very ugly destine.


Truth gets unpeeled from the fallacious covers

(May 2015)

The National Party’s politicians were ecstatic before the conduction of election in 2013. Earlier the election, the said politicians seemed the members of provincial and national assemblies. They were confirmed about government in Balochistan for half tenure of assembly. This was the reason that they were adamant to participate in election and convey the message to world that Balochistan’s people are part of this country and taking part in all practices of state. Nonetheless, the Balochistan’s masses snubbed the bogus election and were redundant about voting because the person ever given rule in assemblies by pacts behind the curtains but masses’ mandate was not respected here. Pakistan Awami Tehrik’s leader Tahir-ul-Qadiri and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf’s leader Imran Khan declared with unmerited the past elections. They specifically rejected the results of election 2013, in the province of Balochistan.

At the inception of Nation Party government, in the province of Balochistan, the Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch said that he will not bestride on such horse which reins are in hands of someone else, but time has proved that Dr Malik is not riding on any horse but running behind the horse.

The Nation Party’s president Hasil Bizenjo explicitly admitted during a press conference about Marree accord, which they were concealing. By this, it has confirmed that National Party has not got government by votes of people but main factor behind assigning them the portfolio of Balochistan Chief-Minister is to rule turn by turn or hitch-lock.

Other reason also can be this that National Party was supposed to be tested whether this can curb the mutiny in Balochistan or not.  The situations in Balochistan are unchanged, even these have worsen in period of NP rule. So there is no avail to give more government to NP in Balochistan and now it is time to test someone else for the same task.

By the concede of National Party’s leaders that they got government by Marree accord for half tenure, it means their vote bank and political influence is ineffective and they accepted stipulations against seats and joys of ruling. Here, those analysts’ predictions also came true that National Party was given rule against assignments which have been achieved or not. If this party can make accord for two and half years’ rule with state controllers bypassing the masses interests, benefits and wishes, so probably in underground they made many more agreements which are presently covert but time will get unpeeled those from the fallacious covers, like Marree accord has been made overt.


Spiteful murder of Sabeen Mahmud!

“The person was Un-silencing Balochistan has got silenced”

(April 2015)

Liberal but knowledge and wisdom loving lady was shot dead by unknown attackers in Karachi. The deceased established a forum where people could voice up about bereft issues or person.

Sabeen Mahmud love with knowledge and firmed to resolve controversies and problems in dialectical way, which is the most civilized manner of dealing the matters in human lives. But here in her surroundings, the humanity probably has not evolved that she got silenced for doing this virtues job.

Few days ago the talk was scheduled at Lahore Management Sciences (LUMS) university titled “Un-silencing the Balochistan”. The people were invited in program were disallowed to go abroad.  Means Mama Qadeer Baloch, Farzana Majeed Baloch, and others were like Rashid Rehman invited to spot-light on Balochistan, but program was cancelled by state’s authorities.

An episode of the same program “Un-silencing the Balochistan” was held at Second Floor (T2F) in Karachi. The program was attended by Mama Qadeeer Baloch, Farzana Majeed Blaoch, Mir Mohammad Ali Talpure, Wusat Ullah Khan and others.

Wretchedly, the Director of T2F Sabeen Mahmud right after the program was shot dead, she stood for “Un-silencing Balochistan” but she has got silenced eternally.

Sabeen Mahmud by her affable characteristics wanted to opine the issue of Balochistan and repudiate the wrongful by dialectic and ration, but here dominant layer cannot digest truth and civilized way of dealing to unsolved affairs. The fascist tradition is thrived and ruling over Pakistani society.

 About Comrade Sabeen Mahmud’s murder confusion are being emitted by media and prejudiced politicians, but reality speaks louder than fabricated statements.

A participant of program “Un-silencing the Balochistan” and a great intellectual Wasut Ullah Khan talking to BBC-Urdu said Sabeen received threats. But Wasut Ullah Khan raised some questions that divulge all mysteries: at the time of her murder the website of T2F was blocked, the twitter account was suspended. This type of acts cannot be done by a common or feeble organization but a state sponsored element can do this only.

In her interview with the BBC World Service in 2014, Sabeen Mahmoud elevated concerns. “There are some issues that you have to be very careful about that are safer not to touch. I mean you have to be prudent. We have done a lecture series on Balochistan that resulted in some visits by the agencies. They have come and taken all our information, our bank statements, lists of our employees. They wanted everyone’s home address and telephone numbers. Not quite sure what triggered the visits, but we think it is the Balochistan work we did.” The words of Sabeen also expose some secrets her murder but does not seem the culprits will be brought into book.

This trend is leading the society to barren about knowledge loving and pacifism. The silenced issues don’t be un-silenced; otherwise the defiant will be silenced as happened elevated with comrade Sabeen Mahmud and red-line is drawn about Balochistan.


The UAE’s foreign minister berates Pakistanis

(April 2015)

The Pakistan is a country which ever remained unhanded the other counties, especially the America and its ally Arab States. The Pakistan’s economy and foreign policy is inconstant and infiltrated by powerful states. The state of Pakistan fought proxy wars and won money which also did not spend for nation but dividend among a small group that is very rich and owns share internationally in business including property.

The Afghan war was high time for mentioned Pakistanis when it was ally of America, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states and the country Pakistan was converged by capitalist world. Pakistani land and forces were hired by mentioned states that conferred big amount the state authorities to intervene in Afghanistan and sow the seed of Jihadist phenomenon.

The Arab states continually have been providing funds to Pakistani government and institutes to run country and establish seminaries and further operate them. This funding made dependent the country of Pakistan, and here’s authorities turned as parasitic. The state authorities are not caring of their national interests but ever worked on instruction of foreigners and this caused mess in country. They have been doing so in the pretense of region.

A well reputed news organization, the British Broadcasting Corporation-BBC in a report informed that Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate and other Arab states funded Pakistan for purchasing war machinery; war-planes, sub-marines, tanks, missiles and other tools.

Now in Yemen, the Houthi rebels emerged that defy the Saudi and its ally states but these are backed by the Iran. The Yemeni army couldn’t stand in front of the Houthis and run-away. By now the Saudi Air force with other few Arab countries is raiding by air in Yemen on Houthis insurgents. This is undoubted that the Hoithis cannot be defeated by air strikes and Saudi forces are not capable to repel them.

Presently, the Saudi Arabia, UAE and some other Arab states need Pakistani army with war machinery to get them fight against Houthis insurgents in Yemen.

The Pakistani politicians through parliament and other ways reprimanded the involvement of country’s forces in the war which is being fought in Yemen. They also strongly opposed the dispatch of forces to any country. This act got ferociousness the rulers of Saudi and UAE with other Arab states; resultantly, the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirate Foreign State Affairs Dr Anwer Mohd Garash berated the Pakistanis.

The interference in Afghanistan gifted an unending war in shape of Taliban and other militant organizations those are engaged in subversive activities against the state of Pakistan. If this time Pakistani authorities intervene in Yemen predicament, then recoil by Iran and other states will be inexorable in to the country. The given money by Arab States won’t give protection the stability of state from internal chaos.

The state of Pakistan should be getting self-reliant, and then it won’t be reviled by anyone. If the policy of being apparatus of someone is continued, then undiplomatic language will be used against it as now the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohd Garash has berated the Pakistani.


The varying statements of CM hint only killing of time!

(March 2015)

Present National Party government has come in being by an accord between political clouts but it is not outcome of democracy or setting-up in the result of election 2013. The misgivings provoke in every mind of this country’s citizens, especially the Balochistan’s inhabitants, when Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in media admitted about Muree accord settled between National Party and Muslim League (Nawaz). In this way, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif also divulged the mystery behind the present ruling party in Balochistan which claims for being powerful and authorized, but unbalanced statements of this do not match with reality and seem only killing of time to fill up its tenure or accomplishment of turn, only.

On an occasion Chief Minister Dr Malik Baloch said that he sees ubiquitous freedom in Balochsitan. On another occasion, he said that the central government through 18th amendment transferred all powers to the provinces and now the province of Balochistan has abundance of funds, and further, “We politicians and authorities are obliged to develop the province of Balochistan,’’ said the Chief Minister in Media.

Few days back, the Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch at assembly floor negated his all previous statements by speaking some hard and bitter words. He said that Oil and Gas companies are responsible for political fire in the province of Balochistan. The mentioned companies, the Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) and Pakistan Petroliam Limited (PPL) owned by center had created tense environment in the province which spark armed clashes and it resulted the murder of Akbar Khan Bugti. The discussed companies are not paying share of the province which is 50% by the essences of 18th constitutional amendment. Non –payment by the companies is causing lack of funds in the province of Balochistan.

Further, the Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch said that OGDCL and PPL’s Headquarters are not in Balochistan, but in other provinces and these must be shifted in the province where the reservoirs of Oil and Gas lies.

Malik Baloch did not stop there and kept speaking out that the said companies’ attitude toward Balochistan is tantamount to East-Indian Company which exploited the sub-continent masses ruthlessly and further pushed them into the slavery of British imperialism.

Dr Malik Baloch through his recent statement validated the stance of Baloch Nationalists those are struggling on the fields of armed and pacified. Instantly, the Chief Minister also rebutted his previous statements in that told he sees ubiquitous freedom in province but now he narrated the intrusion of center owned companies with Balochistan and political fire in the province.

The verbosity by Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch implies his being powerlessness. He mentions only faulty factors but cannot rectify the defected things which pointed out by him. First he should get arrayed the things in province which have ignite the political fire or theirs attitude is tantamount to East-Indian Company about Balochistan, and then invite someone for negotiations or mending.

The conditions in Balochistan are comprehensible that a government or party came in rule through an accord to govern its turn, how can be independent in affairs of province? The politicians for getting govern accepted the stipulation of turn by turn rule; how they can be sincere with masses whose prime priority is solely governance?

As a matter of fact, the present provincial government claims being powerful and democratic are wind-baggery.

The varying statements by National Party government in Balochistan are merely killing of time and nothing! By this way, the present rulers are filling-up their tenure; otherwise, they would do something pragmatically on ground except the verbosity. The some politicians, particularly secessionists may not heed the hollow offers or statements by present government.


Awaran earthquake victims are dodged repeatedly!

On 25th September 2014, a massive earthquake on Richter Scale 7.7 magnitude hit Balochistan’s the most underdeveloped area of Awaran. That horrific tremor spread panic in the area people, and after elapse of months victims couldn’t get out of trauma. This massive earth quick demolished all constructed houses of area that’s structure was mud-built due to hot climate.

Many people aftermath the quake migrated to other areas because of aftershocks and tense situations by dint of the war is being wagged between Baloch separatists and state’s forces. The government officials disparately say, it is a conflict zone and on some occasions paradoxical they declare it peaceful, too.

Previously, the Balochistan’s Chief Minister Dr. Malik vigorously said that they will invite foreigners for rehabilitation and relief works in Awaran imitating the Kashmir and earthquake in Ziarat, Balochistan. The federal governments, especially establishments’ authorities were not consented to allow foreigners in the area of Awaran with hypothesis that they would study the situations of area, mainly the socio-politics, and resultantly, the world may not alter it conceptions about the Baloch and Balochistan. Evading to that the authorities said that Awaran’s situations will be managed domestically, excluding the foreign aid and relief works. Following that, the Chief Minister also swapped his statement and said, they deal this gigantic catastrophe locally, and their previous assessment was incorrect about appealing foreigners in the area for relief and rehabilitation works. Whatsoever, they made statements, were contradicting to the ground realities and level of lose was misestimated.

At that time, it was confirmed, 90% houses in area were collapsed by powerful earthquake. Subsequently, 400 deaths were confirmed by government authorities, but locally the death-toll was many fold high, and injured were shown 599. Initially, 30000 houses were mentioned damaged, but afterward its number was shrank-down and brought on the level of nearly half 16000.

The government and its institutes made announcements for building houses for the area people. The announcement couldn’t get materialized on ground and remained only words which next to evaporate in air.

Now government officials are saying they help disastrous people in shape of paying fund for construction of houses and installing Solar System for generation of electricity. In this regard, government is paying 150000 PKR to each family; 120000 PKR for construction of house and 30000 PKR for installation of solar energy system. The government has target to pay the cheques to 16000 families, so far 12000 families have received the cheques, whilst 3500 families have not got yet, and the reason for this has been publicized the migration of people to other areas due to dismal law and order, and some of them are leading nomadic live. The project Director for rehabilitation works informed the media that they have distributed 40 billion PKR among the affected.

With passage of time the rulers are also altering statements about disastrous Awaran. First, they said that they will construct houses of highly standard for unsheltered people, but now they are claiming for endowment of cheques.

Awaran is the most underdeveloped areas of the province of Balochsitan. This area people are unfamiliar of Banking system and other facilities in 21st century, even being citizens of nuclear power country. It will be very unscrupulous for villagers to approach the urban areas and open an account in a Bank. In the area, many people in their live never ever wore shoes in feet, so how such rustic will be able to open the account?

The entire country is gripped in corruption the worst. In the capital of the province corruption is on culmination and chief minister Dr. Malik Baloch statements appeared in media said that the government institutes and all departments are indulged in corruption and for melioration an ample time is required.

In such conditions, what is condition of remote areas, like the Awaran? Do this area people get impartially their rights including cheques in disbursing the earthquake’s great lose? It is beyond the imaginations.

The victims of the area Awaran informed massive irregularities in distribution of cheques. They blamed for the worst favoritism by National Parties officials in Awaran under the patronization of establishment.

The locals of Awaran also demonstrated against embezzlement in funds and dishonesties in distribution of other relief goods by provincial and central governments. They have blamed on local administration for injustices. Further, they warned for harsh protest and establishing hunger strike camps in front of major cities, press clubs.

In Awaran, situations turned the worsen to worst in present regime, and now the Chief Minister also affirming through his statements that the war prolonging on 12 years has inflicted in great lose.

The war has been ignited by injustices with local people of Balochistan. It is understood that spontaneously it never abrupt. After earthquake, escalation in war has been witnessed that hints irregularities and corruption’s enlargement in disastrous areas. The government official claim for distribution among the villagers who never ever stepped in Banks in their live, this also proves irrational brag or merely exaggeration in media. This distribution cannot be among the deserved ones but can be in favored. The protest by local people exposed all about realities and razed all tall claims of government authorities.


Counterfeit claim about banning on religious groups

(January, 2015)

The present government after school carnage incident in Pashawar have commenced an over posturing series against religious militancy. In same series, the National Action Plan has been carved-out including the approval of military courts setting up. In the follow-up of the mentioned measures, the government announced for banning on the all religious militant groups throughout country, the Jamat-ud-Dawat and Lashkar-e-Tayabba are also included in discussed catalogue. The said religious outfit’s bank accounts are also frozen.

The review of Pakistan’s history inkles that this state from the day of formation had fallen in the hands of Islamists, who ever used the religion as weapon to downfall the counterparts and get them renounced from ethical and legitimate rights. Islamic injunctions never bend to exploit someone or keeping it deprived of the due rights, but here religion’s spirit is tainted and it is an effective tool to manipulate the people and mold them in to favored frame.

At the time of Bengal separation, the slogan of religion was raised but as essence of Islam the rights of people were denied. And when they demanded for lawful rights were awarded with traitor label and were persecuted by Islamist elements, irrationally.

In India and Afghanistan is being infiltrated by elements that are infatuated with Islamic sentiments. In this regard, the organizations have been constituted and its members were trained by establishment and now they have confessed this explicitly in front of world media and on all forums.

In Afghanistan, the Soviet Union retreated, and then disintegrated. On the ground of Pakistan hysterics were trained and that were called jihadist, later on they had got fought against the Soviet, but after the use-off these are renamed as terrorist. And now the terrorists are also being eliminated, because these are showing disobedience to establishment. By now, the discussed Talban and yesterday’s Mujahidin got unleashed and they have got rife and became the part of global Jihad. Therefore, these are considered extremist and disadvantageous for the state of Pakistan and due to that these have been banned and also are being targeted by state forces.

Similar to Talban, the other organizations are also belonging to the same school of thoughts, but they are considered strategic asset, yet. These elements are being used against those people in state who are demanding for their lawful rights. The discussed Islamists are also being used against neighboring states. Domestically, those people who want to live prosper and enjoy the nature and want a systematic justice cycle, so they are being crushed by the radical elements or extremists. The states, which have gone ahead in trade, economy or have surpassed the ruling class in field of business, so they are being dealt by the fundaments exploiting the notions of Jihad.

The government in previous days proscribed the Lash-e-Tayyaba and Jamat-ud-Dawat, further has frozen the bank accounts of these organizations. It was only subterfuge, because accounts were got empty and then statement was realeased about freezing. The leadership of said organizations is moving, rooming and carrying on activities without any restriction.

In Balochistan, the nationalist organizations’ leaders blamed for existence of the religious militants’ camps, network and activities. The nationalists in local and international media also divulged about the mentioned fundamentalist’s camps location, too. But government neither applies National Action Plan on them nor constrains their movement. On 27th January, in Daily Dawn, the news appeared that Jamat-e-Dawat head is campaigning for charity in Karachi for his organization which unpeels the reality of proclamation the banning on the Jud and LeT.

The circumstances approved that announcement was made by government about proscribe of Jamat-e-Dawat and Lasher-e-Tayyaba is only counterfeit. In fact, the state authorities still consider them their strategic asset and they are using the religious extremism as weapon against the Baloch, Sindhi nationalist and minorities for gain of interests, internally. And for the gain of external interests, these are being used against the India and Afghanistan. But a day will come that petted snakes bite the foster. The presently claim of banning on religious groups is counterfeit and worldwide leadership also declared a hood-winking act by the rulers of Pakistan.


A simply media show; ‘Balochistan Development Forum’

(January, 2015)

In previous days, at Islamabad by Balochistan government a convention was conducted,  the Balochistan Development Forum (BDF), in the past sequence. In discussed meeting, the foreign ambassadors were invited and the central government was also collaborating in that. The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif paid a twosome of hour to the massive progressive forum of the Balochistan province.

The Balochistan Development Forum [BDF] was established with means to obtain the attentions of international investors and lure them for investing in the province that is rich with minerals and occupied the key strategic position in the region.

The present National Party’s government exerted to inform the investors about scopes in Balochistan for investment and development of minerals which are the main production and possession of the province. The foreigners were also portrayed for lucrative business in fields of fishing, construction of infrastructure and likewise.

The critiques says, this form of meetings conduction mean to spend the income which have been gotten by 19th constitutional amendment and modification in National Financing Award [NFC], which caused increase in funds, and nothing else.

It is enunciated that without peace no investment can be made in any area. After Peshawer school carnage incident, the peace has totally vanished away in entire country, particularly in the provinces of Balochistan and KPK, somehow in Sindh too.

The Balochistan’s situations are totally inhospitable for businessmen and investors. Due to the vulnerability, the local businessmen have shifted their firms to other parts of country or abroad, the brain drain have flew to European and Gulf States, the journalists are imperiled and working in hazardous environment. The MPAs without bullet and bomb proof vehicles cannot makes movement in capital not talk about remote areas.

In the province of Balochistan, the bomb blast,, rocket fire, target killing, recovering of mutilated bodies and abduction for ransom are ubiquitous. The human has no dignity here, that this can be guessed from the statement of the Voice for Baloch Missing Person [VBMP] which appeared in media that the stiffs are lying on the floor at Civil Hospital Quetta in morgue unit due to lack of freezers. Further it is said that dead are being buried by humanitarian organizations without recognition.

The governance in province is also very poor that only MPAs or their close relatives are enjoying privileges. In provincial assembly session, a member of provincial assembly (MPA) Sardar Abdul Rehman Kethtran in a point of order informed that base of nepotism the CM and his cabinet members’ relatives were sent to China for recreation in the pretext of study tour. No common youth in entire province was sent anywhere for such activities, may they not eligible for going to abroad, because they do not have relative in assembly. At Balochistan University, a MPA’s daughter was appointed and promoted within minutes. On the other hand, millions of children are out of school and thousands schools are lacking basic infrastructure and reason is presented inadequate funds availability to the province.

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s directive to Balochistan government for improvement in governance is the solid evidence about the poor performance and mismanagements by the coalition government in the province. But in media, the provincial government is making tall claims about its achievements, and the premier directive has rebutted all.

In above discussed settings, no one will venture to visit the Balochistan province and the investment here is very farfetched. In this disorder, the session of Balochistan Development Forum [BDF] is simply media show and nothing else. The ministers, MPAs and bureaucrats have resort point the verdure Islamabad for recreation, which they have rejoiced in the pretext of Balochistan Development Forum.


The setting up of Military Courts

(December, 2014)

The profound scrutiny of Pakistani political history entails that this state never ever been tracked-on democracy since its formation. The democracy or assemblies were formed but these ever been influenced by establishment and presently the military courts story is an epitomized reason of the series.

The politician’s invitation to military in power or occupying power by military is ubiquitous in this country. The discussed parties and its politicians never demanded for any sort of especial tribunal on carnage of civilian, but now after army school children killing abruptly the civilian government has been drove for establishing military courts. Sure! The incident of attack on innocent children is condemnable but why discrimination in dispensation of justice to Pakistani citizens on ground of civilian and army?

It is tradition of Nawaz regime that it ever invited Army in civil departments to care take of those. May they consider military much candid or talented than civilians. If it is so, then why with Peoples Party they are playing game of ‘democracy, democracy’. They should confess their inept explicitly and handover entire state machinery to army. But like in past, the WAPDA and other departments were given to army; resultantly, the ramifications of those were uncovered to all. By now, on same pattern, the military courts are being setup without credentialing the parameters of human rights. The formation of these discussed courts also tell failure, defect or defunct of existing judiciary system, otherwise the culprits can be sentenced by these. The amendments and empowering further to the existing courts can be used for advancements.

Yesterday’s Mujahidin and today’s terrorists ought to be punished and constrained by those departments which are function for common masses. The double standard of justice provision for civilian and military will bring very ugly outcomes. The Pakistani society already is distressed because of dual qualitative attitudes; VIPs and ordinary.

The military courts experiment was tested in dictatorship eras of Ayub Khan and Zia, but society could not mold in to civilized frame or got corruption free. The intellectuals narrate that past military courts merely gave impunity the army-men to deal with civilians in desired way bypassing the etiquettes. Here already establishment is too strong and the approval of military courts seems an intruded act.

It is foreboded by everyone that military courts will not care human rights during the prompt process or excluding thorough investigation and probe. And these also award stern penalization to offenders and this will produce retributive or rebellious sentiments. Consequently, society further may not fell into a long-lasting mayhem. The backlash by the trained and religiously infatuated may not inflict the Pakistani tormented society in to a great loss and pull it to backwardness very long.

It is learnt that constitutional amendments and gained wealth including war machinery ever were used against nationalists in Balochistan by state authorities. And now in Sindh, the separatist movement also got permeated in Sindhies and mutilated bodies of Sindhi nationalist political workers are being found constantly. The state is blamed for human rights abuses in Balochistan and Sindh by civilized world. And to hushing up such perpetrations in its provinces, the state is striving to validate transgression against nationalists by overwhelming of the religious radicalization. Because the pro-establishment fundamentals which work in Kashmir and other areas favorably are not considered terrorist yet, such elements are believed Mujahidin. This double measurement has given a room to doubts in the minds of masses about setting up of military courts.

  1. Baloch want freedom , nothing els .

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  6. I saw a dream that our nation was independent and every person was as free as like birds to excite talking each other with the community of people.Similarly. one day unfortunately the enemies of our nation attached on people who were known innocent Baloch,all of them were killed by them and some of them were known the people in our nation but another side i was blissful to hearing about our friends and brothers who did victory during the fighting and the war which was started 60 years ago is free now suddenly i got up and opened my eyes and saw i was in prison which was a dark room and said myself i was the one who could not do something.

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