In Pakistan acid throwing on women

Aasima Rasheed, Turbat
What compelled my hands to compose this letters is the frustrating act, acid attacks on women. It is woeful to FILE+Acid+Attack+Plastic+Surgeon+Honoured+kHJfUEBCfAglportray that women who serve as responsible and concerned members in every society, are inhumanly being persecuted through such mischievous act like acid attacks.
Pakistan seems to be incorporated in those courtiers where numerous acid attacks are made on women on daily basis. It is estimated about Pakistan that acid attacks have become so rampant that almost 150 cases yearly happen with various reasons, such as revenge, enmity and likewise. Sometimes, the innocent women become the victims due to having wish of equal rights and in sector of education being educated as men and others. Contrary to this, a main reason behind this inhuman act is often the refusal of men’s proposal of marriage.
Several cases of 2008 referred to the girls who were burned with acid since they opposed those boys’ wishes of marriage who then lost the structure of their faces eternally, in order to protect their life style.
Moving forth, these ruthless acid attacks not only harm the girls physically, but also cause extremely harsh mental disturbance for the wretched victims, because right after attacks they will have to tolerate an ugly face that they have never imagined for that. Pushing women into the mist of endless discrimination of society, the acid attacks unquestionably narrow their perspective of living a normal life. As a result, the troubled women tend to meet others or do something else to pass their remaining lives.
Such pitiless acts against women will continue until the humanity exist in the hearts of anti-women; however, what is shocking is the nonchalant attitude of government towards this lance as she seems unmoved to have strict rules over curbing this increasing and destructive issue. The government has to have access to some effective manners which not only can safeguard the women from the inhuman act, but also gets the criminals tolerate the fatal outcome of their cruel act against women.


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