Personal detail of Kamber Chakar’s life

Kambar Chakar Baloch was born in October 7,1987 in Alndoor Buleda and he got his basic education in primary school Alandoor Buleda. And while they migrated from Alandoor Buleda to Turbat, he took admission in Govt High School Shahi Tump, Turbat 1998-99 and after that he left respective school and took admission in Kech Grammar High School Turbat till 1999- 2004.when he became a college student he joined BSO Azad.

Poltical Life

At the age of 16 he joined BSO and he was the Deputy Organiser of Turabt Zone and Shaal Zone too.

Favoriout Novel

Love in a tormn land after the abduction a famous nove Sophie’s world and a Balochi Chador were found near his pillp. Totral there are more than 200 books in his bookshelf.

Extra curriculam Activities.

 He played role in three Balochi films, Chinchalog o ma chalok, Dil reesh, joro Khan. First film was released in 2003 and second was released in 2004 and third in 2006.

Imtiaz Baloch, Turbat


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